How to enable Wi Fi on laptop

After buying a new laptop some users cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network. So many wonder how to enable Wi Fi on the laptop. To make it easy, the whole operation will take 3-4 minutes.

Trammel Wi-Fi icon


To activate Wi-Fi on a laptop or netbook, you need to press certain keys on the keyboard. Each manufacturer sets its own rules for activating Wi-Fi by assigning a combination of the original buttons:

  • On laptops Asus you need to hold the Fn and F2
  • Model HP offer to include online, touch keys with a corresponding picture. On her painted antenna. In some instances HP you have to press the button Fn and F12
  • On the keyboard laptops Lenovo you need to find and hold down Fn, and then use the button F5. On some models there is a special button for network
  • Laptop manufacturers Samsung indicate to the user that enabling Wi-Fi users should use a combination of buttons Fn and F12 or F9

The Laptop Wi-Fi

If you have not met in this list your model, use the user manual.

Fn button – universal, it is almost all laptops and is used to activate various functions. If this button is not, then there is a specialized key for Wi-Fi. It’s called Wireless or Wlan. The button shows the icon for Wi-Fi, TV or computer.

Wi-Fi logo

Sometimes manufacturers hide the button to turn on / off Wi-Fi on the bottom cover or paint it in body color. So carefully examine your model of laptop on the presence of this magic key.

But what if you pressed the right combination of buttons, and Wi-Fi still not working?

Vkljuciti Wi-Fi


The main reason for the lack of Wi-Fi – no need of drivers. Availability you can check this using the menu item «control Panel». Here you should find the item «device Manager» and the string «Network adapters».

Manager, saudan

This list must be two important points:

  1. Ethernet
  2. Wi-Fi

Near one of these points should be written the word Wirelessis adapter that is needed to configure the network. If you don’t see or have one of the items is the exclamation point on a bright yellow background, then you have problems with drivers.


  • If labels Wireless is not quite so drivers on the laptop not. Examine the disk that came with laptop. Perhaps it is a desired add-ons. If the drivers are out there, go to the official web page of the manufacturer and download the necessary add-ons there.

Do not try to take the driver from suspicious websites, which are completely covered with ads and banners. You may get a Trojan or virus, then the system setup will be relegated to an indefinite period, and you will fight against computer pests

  • If there is an exclamation point, it means that there are errors, which hamper the work Wi-Fi. Click the right mouse button and select «Use». Sometimes the adapters included power saving mode. Safely disconnect it using the string «Properties», section «power Management». Uncheck the «Allow disconnect device to save power»

The laptop on the table

Activation adapter

To turn Wi-Fi on the laptop, make sure that the adapter was active. To do this, use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Open «control Panel», go to «Network and Internet»
  • Select «Network connections»
  • After that, choose «Wireless network connection», it is useful to us
  • Click the right mouse button on «Enable»


Access point

Now you need to link the laptop and the active access point. To do this, turn your attention to the lower right of the screen, where the Wi-Fi icon. Click on it to open the window that is responsible for managing the networks. Find the network, enter the password if necessary. After these manipulations your netbook or laptop will be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The laptop I CAVI

To enable wifi on the laptop, you need to check the drivers and enable the adapter. After that you will be able to plunge in the world is.

Video instruction

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