How to enable Bluetooth on the laptop?

While using devices like computer, laptop or phone can be very hard to do without a wireless network, which would help them to interact. Thus, one can connect some keyboards, joysticks, and cameras work. So many ask how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop?

how to enable Bluetooth on laptop

What is Bluetooth?

For starters, you need to know about what is Bluetooth and why many who wants to include it. Is it a wireless networkthat allows devices in different rooms to interact at a distance of about ten meters, although this figure can vary, depending on various obstacles. Especially powerful Bluetooth networks of the first class are able to maintain communication at a distance of a hundred meters, and there is also the adapter, makes functioning distance 30 km

The history of this network originated in 1994, when it was designed as a wireless analog cables RS-232. However, the specification was created much later, as the team that developed it took only four years.

Bluetooth operates using radio waves, about the same as in various household appliances. However, waves from other devices, as a rule, does not interfere with the wireless network.


You can connect the Bluetooth?

Before you figure out how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop, you need to make sure that it is possible in principle. It is possible that on some models this feature just yet. To make sure that the Bluetooth is still there, you can use one of three ways.

  • The use of part-numbers.
  • Search of labels and other external information.
  • Check for the presence of the Bluetooth indicator.

The concept of the part number indicates the model name of the laptop, with all the characters that were specified. Usually, this is a set of letters and numbers. Using this combination, you can try to find information about the model to find out whether really to connect it to Bluetooth.


However, to this point, you can go, if not worked the other two. Very often, manufacturers report the presence of a wireless network using a sticker with the badge. Also, even if there is no sticker on the device may be a Bluetooth logo next to the indicator. This is a sure sign that everything can be customized.

If the label or the indicator are present, or found the exact information that this model supports wireless network, then you can go to connect Bluetooth. Usually this is not necessary at all – everything happens automatically, but a number of problems causing the need for manual actions.

Bluetooth sticker

How to enable Bluetooth on the laptop?

This can be done through the BIOS. To sign in you need to constantly push the button DEL, while the laptop is switched on. Also sometimes used keys ESC, F1 and F2.

  • Finding the BIOS in the appropriate box, you need to check what the value is. If the opposite Bluetooth is enable, all right, if you disable, you need to switch to another. Also there are situations when the switching is impossible – this means that the network is always active.
  • After these manipulations will only save the changes, and then reboot the laptop.

If in BIOS all is OK but Bluetooth not previously joined, then you need to check two aspects. First, for the network drivers, which can be downloaded from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. If installing the latest software did not help, you should check whether the Bluetooth.

This can be done with the keyboard, and without it. It’s hard to find a laptop that can work with a wireless network, but does not have the corresponding button on the keyboard. As a rule, just press the FN button along with Bluetooth to work. Sometimes this key is combined with Wi-Fi.

fn button

How to connect Bluetooth on a laptop without a keyboard?

If you are using Windows 7, you just need to find the original utility that came with the device. It can also be downloaded from the official website. The program will help to monitor the status of wireless network, to enable and disable them as needed.

The not-so-popular Windows 8 had the opportunity to work with the Bluetooth in the settings. This was done through Settings – Change Device.

In addition, Bluetooth can be realized by means of an adapter. It include right-click, therefore, you receive access to the settings. This is similar with the interface of the routers.


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