How to dry figs at home?

How to dry figs at home? On the implementation of such plans at least once thought people interested in the unknown side of our world, and seeking to master the incredible powers that are beyond the power of most mortals. At all times people aspired to look behind the curtain of the planetary universe, to see what is hidden from the human eye higher powers. But just learn to be psychic?

Of course, to be psychic in 10 minutes not yet managed to anyone, and it is hardly possible in principle. Yet there are certain practices aimed at self-development and self-knowing on the inside that allow the individual to learn how to accumulate energy flows to Earth from outer space, and efficiently manage energy for their own purposes.

How to dry figs at home

A psychic is not a magician, he just skillfully uses cosmic energy, which is light in nature. Therefore, if a person set a goal to enter the world of spirits, demons and magic, then it is better not to waste time on psychic, and undergo a special ritual aimed at obtaining magical power. Everyone should understand what he will have to face, and how expensive can be the price paid for received supernatural abilities that others can only dream of.

To develop psychic abilities is easier for those people in the family whom were medicine men, healers, wizards. For the descendants of these practitioners doors in the paranormal world opened by their ancestors. These people the training of psychic capacities is given easily and naturally. For those who have not been in a sort of quirky relatives, will have to make more efforts and efforts to master the unknown forces. In any case, better to find a teacher that will show you the basics of psychic art, and a partner to work out the basic exercises for the development of energy.

That should be able to do psychic?

The development of psychic abilities is a long and difficult path, which can be overcome only people with strong spirit, will and determination. Increase the supernatural power that comes gradually, and only to those who systematically performs all the exercises, created for the development of latent energy.

Psychic abilities

A real psychic must have the following qualities:

  • To be able to accumulate energy from the environment, and to properly use it for their own purposes. Possible to select only the free energy, one that comes to Earth from space. It is forbidden to eat the energy of living beings, as it is already vampirism, which could be disaster for the psychic.
  • To treat people. By using a large amount of stored energy, a good psychic can affect the diseased parts of the body of another person.
  • To telepathy. With sufficient concentration, and the absence of noise a psychic should be able to get on the same neurone-impulsive wave with the other person. Of course, this is possible only if protection is not enforced for such actions.
  • To read information from objects. Long been known that every object has its own energy background left after the previous owners, or people who just came in contact with the object. A psychic must be able to divide these energy fields and decoding this information.

As soon as the psychic develops, grows his supernatural powers. This is the way to the end no one understood, and it is difficult to say where the limit such possibilities.

How to learn to accumulate energy?

For those who are planning to become a psychic, you need to learn to catch clean energy flows. They will be a nutritional basis for the implementation of extraordinary actions. The wise of all times have claimed that the universe, including planet Earth, riddled through and through mystical energies. You just have to learn to catch them.

  • You should lie down on the floor, close your eyes and mentally step back from the mortal world.
  • Imagine outer space with many planets and stars, which are surrounded by the energy shells of different colors.
  • The power of thought to guide energy in those fibers that have light shades and bright colors (white, orange, green).
  • It is impossible to absorb the energy that radiates from dark colors. Together, they can be attracted to fatal circumstances.

How to learn to accumulate energy?

This exercise can be done at home, but no more than 10 minutes a day. Everything should be in moderation. After 30 days, practices will be the first sensation of the energy filling.

Treatment of diseases

Healing physical ailments is subject for more experienced psychics who have mastered the techniques, the accumulation of energy and can effectively dispose of excess energy resources. Treatment of people with psychic abilities as follows:

  • Psychic is your patient in the energy shell of the cocoon.
  • Mentally, he analyzes the structure and color of the energy spectrum.
  • In the place where the diseased organ, will be seen the energy hole, or loose fibers.
  • The power of thought psychic needs to channel your energy flows to address this gap.

Modern psychics

Each specialist in different ways to perform these actions. It is the energy shell the patient in your mind, others just watching, as if through the person and talk about his illness.

Is it possible to learn to read minds?

The reading of the thoughts of his interlocutor is the dream of most people. Open these abilities even not all psychics. To learn telepathy can only be after full control of information and energy flows.

  • Need a long train, and perform certain exercises.
  • To concentrate our mental activity on a certain person.
  • Imagine if the power of his mind is the penetration into the deepest parts of the brain of the interlocutor.
  • To seal itself off from the stimuli of the external world, and to try to leave on a frequency of a thought-flow of the opponent.

Psychic at home

All at once will not work. These simple exercises should be done each day in the course of normal conversation with friends and colleagues. First, it’s incredibly hard to concentrate, but with time comes a sense of confidence and complete control over the situation.

Additional recommendations for future psychics

Realizing the dream of becoming a psychic, it is important to remember about the restrictions and rules that violate the strictly prohibited:

  • A psychic is forbidden to use your gift to achieve dishonest purposes.
  • The use of force for selfish purposes can lead to loss of abilities.
  • Any manipulation should be done in a cheerful and good mood.
  • Energy should be used rationally and calmly without excessive displays of emotion.

How to behave psychic

It is important to remember that the development of psychic abilities even at home — it is always direct or indirect contact with other worlds. So you need to be extremely careful, balanced decisions, it’s always good to reflect and only then act. People with strong energy, and the psychic, attract, dark sorcerers who want to augment their strength, so you should be very careful to make new acquaintances.

Video instruction

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