How to dry apples

Apples are a popular and delicious fruit. These fruits are loved by both adults and children. Perhaps, each country site there is an Apple tree. The yield reaches its peak at the end of August, that’s when the hostess asking: «How to dry apples?»

how to dry apples

This method of procurement allows you to save the maximum of useful properties and flavouring qualities.

Favor dried apples

Recently it was revealed the following useful properties of dried apples:

  • The fight against diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, liver problems and more.
  • Prevention of certain diseases. Consumption of apples helps to strengthen blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the bone tissue.

Doctors recommend to include in your daily diet, about 80 grams of dried apples. This will reduce the risk of many diseases and ensure intake of beneficial nutrients, such as:

  • vitamin b, E and C;
  • minerals and antioxidants;
  • the high content of iodine;
  • contains pectin and fiber promote excellent bowel motility.

How to prepare apples for drying

For drying you need to use sour and very crisp apples. Perfectly suitable for this Antonovka, Borovik, Anise, AltaVista, etc as raw materials will be used summer class, for good results it is best to dry the fruits with the peel.

Proper drying abloc

Before drying apples, they need to process. First of all, you need to select the fruit without damage and without the characteristic signs of rotting. Then you need a good wash and dry apples. The fruit peel and core, then cut into thin round slices. To the pulp is not dark, you need to drop the sliced apples into the water, which previously add a few drops of vinegar or citric acid. This will allow the fruit to remain white with no visible dark spots.

After the prepared apples, you need to decide what method will be carried out the drying process.

There are many methods of drying apples, the most popular are:

Drying in the oven

Initially, this type of drying may seem easy enough, but there are many nuances, not observing that there is a risk of the output not very high quality results. During drying it is necessary to keep the oven door is always open. Due to the fact that the whole process takes quite a large amount of time, many from this way refuse.

drying apples in the oven

The whole drying process is divided into three phases:

  • drying at a temperature of 50 degrees until then, until the pieces begin to valitsa;
  • drying at a temperature of 70 degrees until the evaporation of the main part of water;
  • drying temperature 80 degrees until completely cooked.

With this method of procurement need to understand that the whole process can take up to 6 hours. Every 30-40 minutes the apples should turn, to achieve maximum drying. Observe the condition of the product is necessary, as there may be a risk that the apples will burn. The best variety for this type is Antonovka. The flesh of these apples crisp and sweet, you will get a very tasty product.

Drying in the microwave

Prepared apples laid out on a plate and sent in the microwave.

the apples in the microwave


The drying process must be carried out at a power of 200 kW. The cooking time will be 3-4 minutes.

The use of electrosource

This method of drying apples today, is the most convenient and not troublesome. Enough to put the prepared slices into the device. Total cooking time will be about 6 hours. In the first stage is a temperature of about 80 degrees, then you need to reduce up to 70 degrees.

abluka in dehydrators

Readiness can be defined by clicking. If the plastic does not emit juice, dried apples ready. The most successful species for such a view: «Antonivka», «Pepin», «Titovka» and other sour-sweet varieties.

Drying on the street

The oldest method of harvesting apples drying on the street. This is done in the open air. Prepared slices of apples laid out on a baking sheet. The drying process takes place in direct light. Also from apples you can make a garland using needle and thread and hang in areas rich in sunlight.

drying apples on the street

With this method of drying the whole process can take about a week. In particularly hot weather, enough five days.

Ways of storing dried apples

Dried apples should be stored in a dark, well-ventilated place. The room must be free from moisture, otherwise there is a risk of formation of mold on the product. The packaging shall be of cardboard or of glass. A good method of storage will be paper bags or wooden crates. At the bottom of any capacity to make paper, it absorbs all the excess moisture. If is used for storage glass jar, close, slightly twisting the cap.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that apples are a storehouse of nutrients available to everyone. To preserve the benefit of this fruit for the entire year will help easy the method of processing, such as drying.

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