How to draw the cells

Drawing on the cells can become a fascinating leisure activity. It turns out that it’s not only fun, but also useful, as it allows you to develop creative thinking, improves coordination, and even helps to calm the nerves. This is particularly useful activity for children because it helps kids prepare for school. It is enough to know how to draw on the cell?

How to draw

Many of us like Japanese crosswords, which, in fact, is the drawing on the cell. Having already guessed crossword puzzles, you can just redraw this picture on a notebook sheet.

How to draw the cells

There are a huge number of ready-made schemes specially developed in order to learn this art.

If you want to create such a masterpiece, make a small billet, which is then transformed into a pattern on the cells. To start, make a loop, gradually moving on to smaller details. Below the drawing was a bright, immediately think about what color you should get.

Graphic dictation

Preparing a child for school, parents can use the drawing on the cell. This activity develops fine motor skills of the baby, preparing the hand for writing, improves visual perception and increases alertness. For this you will need the notebook leaves in the cage and what you can draw – pens, pencils, or markers.


draw with the child

One of the most effective ways to prepare your child for school, will become a graphic dictation. It is a kind of gaming way to develop the child’s various skills and abilities. For this there are two ways:

  1. The child is given ready-made scheme of geometric shapes, which he must play on the notebook sheet.
  2. Adult child dictate the direction of the line, indicating the number of cells. After dictation, you need to compare the result of the child so that the result was he had to turn out.

In the first stages more suitable for the first method. The second helps the child to learn how to perform various actions at the hearing. After the second method tested, it is recommended to alternate with the first. The child can be offered independently to come up with a picture or dictate to you graphics a dictation, and you are at his command alone will draw a picture on the cell. So additionally, you will develop independence and leadership skills.

How to graphic dictation

drawing on the cell

In a graphical dictation must adhere to the following rules:

  • start with simple circuits, gradually moving to more complex;
  • to replenish your child’s vocabulary, keep drawing funny poems and tongue twisters;
  • note that the child has the right to be wrong, so allow him to use the gum;
  • first, tell the child the correct action;
  • paper for drawing on the cells must be large squares, it will give the option to save the child’s eyesight;
  • for the development of the imagination of the child, let him decorate the drawing zastrahovan cells colored pencils;
  • learning to draw complex patterns, try to draw together the big picture of several small pictures.

What does the drawing on the cell

how to draw the cells

Drawing with a child, you help him learn a lot about the world around him. For example, drawing of animals or plants, they learn what shape is this or that flower or animal. What is different cat from dog and wolf Fox etc. This will enable your child to prepare for the drawing on white sheets. Learn how easy it is to draw on the cells, it will be much easier to do the painting on paper, drawing everything to the smallest detail. Most kids love their favorite cartoon characters, so they can start training.

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