How to draw anime?

Anime calling card Japan. This kind of art is popular around the world, so many people want to know how to draw anime. If you never went to art school, and drawing experience you have is small, don’t despair. This article will help you learn how to draw Japanese characters.

Where to start?

First, select the tool. It should be a set of three pencils with leads of different hardness. It can be as pencil leads in wooden and plastic shell. Facilitate the work of a graphite stick, with the shade of great details. Any artist feels helpless without quality eraser. Choose a gum with a soft texture, so as not to damage the sheet. A good purchase would be a convenient pencil sharpener. So, if all the tools in front of you and you fully desire to start to draw anime, let’s get started.

How to draw anime

Draw the eyes

Expressive eyes – a distinctive feature of all anime characters. They convey all the shades of emotions of the character and his traits. Learning to draw eyes, you will be able to portray the soul of the character.


Draw an arc that develops on the upper eyelid. Then draw two lines that resemble the beam of a searchlight, shining from below upwards. Frontier will serve as the point of the end of the century. Now draw the lower eyelid as shown in the figure number two. Construction lines are erased with a rubber band.

Picture number three explains how to draw the iris, its shape follows the pupil. Oval iris always violates the border of the upper eyelid, going under it. The glare on the pupils are white, shading is not needed here. The final touch is false eyelashes. Their number varies from three to five. So, the character appeared eyes. It’s time to move on.

Draw the head

First draw a circle, which divide the auxiliary thin line in half. Then under the lower part of the circle hold a straight line. It intersects with the vertical, forming a cross. The endpoint of the vertical line is the chin of the hero. Led by his arched cheekbones, connecting their ends with a circle. The head is ready. Now you should determine where to paint the eyes, drogue, nose and mouth.

For this we turn again to the auxiliary pencil webs that look like a cross. Draw two arcs as shown in figure five. So we marked the area on which are located the eyes. We draw on the method talked about above.

How to draw anime

Eyebrows represent two equal arcs over the centuries. The nose is the hyphen, which is located at the intersection of the auxiliary lines. Mouth depicted strictly under his nose.

Perhaps at first you do not succeed, the ideal character. But don’t despair. Experience will come when you learn not to hesitate to draw eyes and head. One of the letters you will see the hero of the anime, in which breathed the soul. Sooner or later it will happen.

Draw the body

With a ruler draw a vertical line that will become the Central axis of a hero. Then draw six rectangles: the torso, legs, arms, neck. Shoulders, elbows and knees are depicted as circles. Then make a more rounded rectangles, attach them to the form of the limbs. Gently outline the waist, add oblique abdominal muscles. A detailed diagram is shown in the figure below.

Body anime

When the body is ready, draw the shade, come up with an outfit for a new hero. Eyes and head drawn in accordance with the algorithm, which was proposed above. We got adorable slim girl who can boast her figure. And you?

If you want to learn how to draw anime, acquire tools and Notepad, in which you can bring sketches. Do not throw away bad pictures, they are stored in Notepad. Go back to them, studying their mistakes. You will definitely master the art of drawing anime, if it much want.

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