How to draw a rose?

A living rose is the most beautiful flower in the world, but many wonder what it can portray on paper, as if he has just blossomed on it. This strong and simultaneously delicate flower, with its unique flower and variegated leaves, if properly portray on paper, then it will be like live, but for this one desire is not enough, you need to know how to draw a rose. For this you will need a sheet of paper, and if you are not good at drawing, you can a few sheets. Still need a grater and a pencil and you can safely get to work.

Shape of a Bud

How to draw a rose

The first step is on a sheet of paper to depict the contours of the Bud to the top of the sheet draw a circle. If it get rough, do not worry, because a rose can never be perfectly smooth, every rosebud has its own characteristics. Also by drawing a circle we need to determine the size, remembering that the petals of the roses will be in the circle. After applying Foundation Bud, you need to draw the stem. The stem should start on the basis of buds, dividing it in half and gently descending down. The stem is necessary in order to make it easier to portray rose petals, on the left and right parts of the flower, they should be about the same amount.


Portrayed petals

The next step is inside the circle to make the contours of the petals, they should be bent in the form of an arc. The upper edge of each petal must be drawn on paper two lines that connect at the edge of a petal — this will give the drawing a three-dimensional shape. In the future, depicting the contours of the petals, it will be easier to give the flower a feeling that he’s alive, creating shadows inside the Bud.

The node I leaves

Also, the stalk will need to draw twigs and leaves. Branches with leaves should be small also don’t remember that from living roses are veins. To rose had live view, you also have to draw them. As soon as the outlines of the Bud and leaves are ready, with a trowel wipe off excess contours.

How to make a rose alive?

How to make a rose alive?

After it’s painted rose and erased the extra touches left to add shadows on the sketch of the flower, so that it became three-dimensional. For this it is necessary to determine where the light will illuminate, it is necessary to know which part of the flower will be more light, and which direction you need to outline more dark tones. Where will start the petals, the shadow must darken by pressing during sestryonki a pencil. Another dark shadow to highlight the joints of the petals. After rendering the flower shadow lightly RUB the picture with the tip of your finger. This technique with your finger will remove the sharp contours of the pencil and the figure will seem even more tender.

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