How to draw a pony?

Drawing – lesson and a fascinating, educational. Everyone can draw, even those who have no talent for the visual arts, can always take advantage of the phased tips for the reproduction on paper of a figure and get an impressive result. Many children today are watching the cartoon «Friendship is magic» and trying to portray his main characters, in particular pony. Using useful recommendations and step by step directions will make it much easier.

Pony from the cartoon

Draw a pony step by step. Some useful tips

Using this landmark, having studied the tricks and techniques used during painting, the process will go much easier and more enjoyable.

  1. For drawing the reference lines it is best to use a solid pencil that is easily erased with a rubber band. Portraying the main outlines, is simpler to draw them, and then go on to remove the excess than to attempt first is very similar to the original output of all transitions and joints. Do not press on the pencil, remember that you have something to fix and to clean without streaks and stains need to be prepared for this in advance.
  2. Do not rush, do not chase a quick outcome, enjoy every stroke, and then the picture will be not only accurate, but also reflects your creative impulse.
  3. Practice to portray the basic shape before you work on a separate sheet of paper, and then go to the main work on the pony.
  4. If the use of paper does not matter, you can use the Board with which inaccuracies erase easier, and new features easier to apply. To display the image obtained on the camera. Printed photos will remind more pictures of the miniature horses, not pictures that will bring even more joy.

How to draw a pony from a cartoon?

Sitting pony

On the proposed picture pony will be in a sitting position, while the rear legs are bent, and the front, which account for support, slightly forward. Eyes with long eyelashes is covered, the tail lifted defiantly, and a thick mane is combed to one side. The image is preferably applied with a lead pencil.

  1. First you need to draw approximately in the center, but slightly closer to the left edge of the large oval. This is the future face of the little horse. Draw the oval
  2. Next, make a layout of the torso.
  3. Now plot the contours of the head, noting the tiny nose, pointed ear turned toward the audience face. Draw out the main silhouette, erase the formed excess line. plot the contours of the head and torso
  4. Go to the front legs. Make them straight, placed directly under the head pony. Both legs should be visible, but one is applied first as an oblong oval, located closer and is depicted quite. The second simply supplemented by a vertical line from the breast of a horse. Draw hooves and erase the extra outline of the oval. Draw the front legs
  5. The hind legs are not completely visible, so only draw the other leg, which is closer to us. Do not forget that it is bent due to the fact that the pony sits.
  6. Luxury mane is applied first as a pointed wedge, then smooth transitions give the hair shape. The left side of the mane a little shorter than the right, and to finish she needs a cheerful curl. To highlight hair, dorisovyvaet several parallel hairs. Apply mane
  7. The most important muzzle. A small line slightly planned smile touched his mouth, and closed eyes, as depicted by the arcuate line, adorned with thick lashes. On the other hand eyes can not see, so just apply the lashes. The two points denoted by the nose, cocked to the half – oval curb. Draw a face
  8. Jagged lines draw excessive ponytail. Remove unnecessary strokes.
  9. Turn on the imagination and little lines complete the drawing, for example, stroke or tail hair. Examine the resulting picture, if necessary, make any corrections, trace the main outlines with a soft pencil. Draw out the basic outlines

Pony from the cartoon ready! You only have to make the outlines colored, paint to your taste and enjoy beautiful picture!

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