How to draw a person?

In art schools the training usually begins with simple still life and contour drawing. People are taught how to draw cubes, then the balls and other more complex shapes. The question of «How to draw a person?» mostly asked by those who already have enough experience in this field. To achieve the portrait likeness is far from over, but with proper effort it is possible to obtain a satisfactory result.

how to draw a man

Anime, comics, animation

If necessary, a complete copy of a real person there, to the beautiful drawing becomes much easier. Drawing of an imaginary person, you can apply a variety of techniques and styles, a few to forget about even proportions and symmetry.

How to draw a person in anime style:

  • For starters, you can mark on the sheet several rectangles that will be the contours of the future man.
  • Head and neck should be two separate rectangles. It is from the neck and go drawing.
  • Of the two arcs that depart from the neck, need to build the Foundation for the shoulders.
  • They need to take the lines of the arms on which to make a circle, then to turn them into the elbow.
  • The hands you can go back to face. As a rule, all anime faces somehow similar, so first you can access existing drawings. Based on them you can create a face for your character.
  • The first step is to build the oval. The person must have a rather sharp and narrow chin. person
  • When it is ready, you can add hair, and hair can be very different – anime style gives space for imagination and experiments.
  • The next step is the completion of hands. They need to be made more precise, draw the elbows and, if desired, brush. Hands for beginners is a very difficult task, so you can arrange them so that they were in his pockets or behind his back. Easier task and fists, as well as various things in his hands.

how to draw a man

  • Then you need to handle the torso. With the help of collars or cut-outs is indicated by the top and legs complete the case. Anime style does not require strict adherence to physiology, so the limbs can be quite long.


  • All that remains is to add the suit. Here it really is to exercise your imagination, as the Japanese animation no limits and clothes.

drawing anime

How to draw a person?

Nothing surprising in the fact that to create a portrait of a real person is much harder than to draw anime character. Here helps a little even transcription. The most important thing is not to stop, to gain experience and to get the hand.

The main difficulty in drawing people to the need to comply with quite rigorous proportions, symmetry, and work with chiaroscuro. There is hardly any objective methods simplify the task. All you can do is to devote sufficient time to training.

how to draw a man

Creating a portrait is as follows:

  • By identifying the top and bottom of the sketch is created. If the basis for future paintings – a real person, you have to measure by eye. In the process of learning can be sketched, and this will allow you to measure the existing picture.
  • The sheet should be divided in half horizontally and vertically.


  • Received four squares is to be divided into two parts.
  • When the sketch is ready, you need to outline the shape of the face of the future. Both sides should be symmetrical.

oval individuals

  • In the middle is the nose.
  • Then you have to lift the chin and make the contours of the hair line more clear.


  • Nose treatment usually involves some difficulties, but the variety of available forms make the task easier. The main thing – that the two arcs are symmetric.
  • Eyebrows can look different. They are really close hair.
  • The most famous problem – the eyes. Commonly, the first eyes is excellent, and the second is not obtained.
  • We should not forget about the eyelids (both upper and lower), and eyelashes.

how to draw eyes

  • The ears are easy to hide with hair, but to paint them is not that difficult. It is important to understand where to arrange them. Photos of real people will help in this.
  • Remains to create a lip. As a rule, they are not much wider than the nose.


  • If you wish to draw something really looks like a photograph, a lot of time will be spent on detail.

It is not excluded that the first image will be far not the same as expected draws. It is important to remember that any skill takes time, and therefore need to work hard and to keep trying.

a portrait in pencil

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