How to draw a pencil minion

Minion is a cartoon character that every child knows. This is one of childhood idols, which is simply impossible not to talk. Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase this wonderful minion, but everyone should know how to draw a minion and delight your baby bright and beautiful pattern.

how to draw a minion

The technique of drawing does not require special skills in this area, enough to have a piece of paper, a pencil and desire. It is best to create drawing with a pencil because of the paint or other tools for drawing will be this option inappropriate. With a pencil, you get vivid, rich and accurate drawing, from which it is simply impossible to tear your eyes away.

The technique of drawing a minion

  • To begin with, take a sheet of paper and at the top of the angle, draw a small circle, which will play the role of the head. It is necessary to draw at the top, making small sketches, which may have to wipe.
  • After this, proceed to draw the torso. To do this, make two cross lines, the vertical line should be a little more, she sets a growth figure. Horizontal — specifies the width.

the body of the minion

  • Inside the circle draw two small circles, they will act as eyes. Their location is slightly higher than the horizontal line.

eye minion

  • To denote the mouth, you need to make the bottom D-shaped, it should come in contact with the lower part of the circle.

mouth minion

  • To depict the trunk, hold the U-shaped line, the ends will connect to the head.
  • The left side of the minion will have raised the arm up and the right down. To do this, use the corresponding lines at the end of which draw a small circle, determines the brush of the minion.

arms minion

  • At the bottom of the semicircle it is necessary to represent the legs of the minion, first referred to U-shaped lines for trousers, and under them small shapes for the feet.

At this preliminary stage is completed, you must now take another pencil, which has a wider line and put a clear line.

draw minion

Now you can gradually move on to creating a design minion, draw him points to define the eyes, make an expressive drawing.

Making minion

  • Inside the drawn points are necessary to define the eyes, they should also be round. On the edges of points need to draw a small circuit in the form of a trapezoidal shape, they will play the role of fastening points. Pupils have a minion should be directed closer to the center vertical line. Under them it is necessary to designate a small arc that will make the eyes more expressive.

making minion

  • As mouth we have painted, still need to paint the teeth. If you’ve seen the picture, you realize that the teeth of the minion expressive and large. To draw them is necessary only in the upper part of the mouth.
  • Do not forget about the hair. They start drawing from the top on both sides of the vertical line. Hair does not require much attention, you can draw, starting from his imagination.
  • Painting overalls – quite an important part. First, to be straps. In the shoulder region of the minion are elongated rectangles, they go inside the figure. In the end you need to draw a small ring. Then move on to creating the jumpsuit. Draw the line in the shape of the letter P, which has rounded ends.
  • Do not forget about the logo patch and it has the letter «G». At the bottom of the overalls are pants.
  • Draw hands. So they were thicker and looked more believable, you need to draw another line around the edges. At the end of the hand-drawn the glove playing the hand that was clenched into a fist.
  • Similarly, paint the left arm. But on the left side of the minion splayed fingers, it should not be forgotten.
  • On the legs, draw the shoes.

After that you will clearly understand how to draw minion pencil. Below the drawing was completed, should the primary circuit again to circle with a pencil. As soon as you will clear the picture, erase unnecessary lines, which were created at the time of drawing. If you follow a clear plan, then you will definitely get a good minion.

minions pencil

In the end, you should use colored pencils better take the yellow and blue color, which have real minions. That’s all drawing is completed, you handled him perfectly.

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