How to draw a dog

One of the most common and beloved Pets the dog. Their world is very diverse: they can be purebred, and no, shaggy and smooth-haired, large and small. Therefore, to choose a subject to paint is not so easy. To draw a dog from life is quite difficult, especially for the beginner. As an example, it is better to choose a photo or image. Consider a simple schema – how to draw a dog?

How to draw a dog

Draw a dog for a child

Children are often asked to draw them something. Most often, they want to get a picture of the dog. But, the fact is that not many parents are good at drawing and become confused with this petition.

Just like any other picture, the dog is drawn in several stages:

  1. First you need to draw the head, which will consist of a semicircle and oval with a small dent at the bottom. In the heart, the eyes and eyebrows. Slightly lower the nose.
  2. In the second phase, draw the ears on both sides of the head. Under the head finish the animal’s neck and torso.
  3. Next, draw the paws. Front legs are similar in shape and size. And the rear slightly more than front.
  4. At the final stage dorisovyvaet hind legs and drawing ready for coloring.

draw a dog

Draw a real dog

Of course, a cartoon dog for kids to draw interesting. However, any artist to strive to ensure that his picture was the most like a real, live dog.

Before you start to draw, decide on the main points:

  • What will be the dog in your picture is a puppy or an adult dog? What breed do you figure?
  • What will be the position of the dog on your picture? The beginner will be easier to draw an animal that sits. The most difficult thing to portray your pet in the movement.
  • Think about the angle. Start drawing animals, better profile or full face. It will be difficult to portray an animal half-turned.

If you can’t call yourself a professional, originally should not be taken for complex objects. Start with sketches in pencil.

drawing dogs

In the first stage, make a schematic picture of a dog. Using geometric shapes to depict different body parts: head, torso, chest and paws. Using a thin centerline, sketch the pose, then you can start drawing animals. Please note that all lines should be smooth. At the final stage outlines the dog’s coat.

Recommendations for the drawing of the adult dog

Make your picture look as realistic as possible, it is important to observe the proportions. To make it easier for you to do, offer you some guidelines on drawing the adult dog:

how to draw a dog

  1. Proportion. Puppy and adult animals differ significantly from each other. So, not to be mistaken with the proportions, it is desirable to use a picture from which to make sketches.
  2. The Chairman. The profile will look like a circle with a rectangle. Easier to draw it starting from the nose, drawing a direct line to the head. On this line will be the nose, eyes and ear. If we talk about full-face the dog, then it will look like a circle. Hold him vertically separated by grooves into several parts diameter. The top dash will be the same level of eye, the lower ear. To this part of the body did not look flat, you need to draw all the features of the dog muzzle.
  3. Eyes. For the form of the dog’s eyes, they will be much rounder than in humans. In the context of the visible pupil and iris. But protein is almost not visible. The exact size of the eye depends on the chosen drawing dog breeds. At the same time, the more you draw the dog, the less her eyes are. To make the eyes more alive, use glare. Eyes are able to convey the mood of the dog, fear, friendship, etc.
  4. Mouth. Usually, the lower lip covered the upper. In this case, visible remains of a small triangle.
  5. The neck is shaped like extends to the bottom of the trapezoid.
  6. Ears can be either erect or folded down.
  7. Torso. Drawing a dog in profile, notice that her belly and back can never be parallel not only each other but also the earth. As it turns out, because the hindquarters of the animal is always shorter than the front.
  8. Paws. Drawing the elbows should be noted that they are level with the chest, and the knees slightly below the stomach.
  9. The wool is drawn with strokes that go in the direction of growth. First you need to sketch the outline, then draw the small details. Drawing always keep in mind where the light falls.
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