How to draw a cat

If you don’t know how to draw a cat, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Welcome to our impromptu drawing lesson!

Lesson # 1

The head and the body

How to draw a cat

First you need to remember what parts of the animal. And then gradually display all on a white sheet. Cat head is the Central piece of the picture. Portrayed in the form of an oval. Then go to image the body. Down from the snout, draw two slightly curved lines. Now we see the silhouette of a sitting cat. On the sides draw two more lines – half ovals. They represent the hind legs of the animal. The cat is sitting quietly right in front of us. Often the position we take based manufacturers money. This is the most popular cat pose in art.

Ears, mouth and nose

Draw a cat

Base. It remains to add a few extra elements. To set the head two triangles. Now the animal has neat ears.

Then look for the center of the muzzle. Take one step back from that point down there and place the nose in the form of a triangle, and a couple of curly lines. Is the mouth of a cat.

Cat’s eye

Cat's eye

To bring into the picture the soul is to draw the eye. Look the cats are always mysterious. To draw eyes properly, find the middle of the oval that represents the head. In the middle will draw a horizontal line. Put on this eye level are the two elongated oval, pointed corners. In each oval should be placed a circle is the iris. And in it, an oval pupil. If you follow this scheme, look at the kitties get crafty, attractive and mysterious.

Paws and tail

Paws and tail

Bottom dorisovyvaet four paws. On each outlines three fingers. Finishing touch fluffy tail, which is located on the side. So, before you sits a cute kitty. Left color the sketch with pencils. You can do this yourself or give the child space for creativity. Coat color can be either red, black, grey, white. Eyes are often painted with bright green paint. It gives the picture character. You can choose blue color.

Lesson # 2

If you have mastered the first method of cat images, you can proceed to the second version of the drawing of this mysterious animal.


This time let’s try to start with the eyes. And the first question that arises at the young artist – the sheet to place them? In the middle? In the upper part? Right? From where do you draw the eyes, will depend on your whole picture. Below on the sheet the animal was cleaned thoroughly, we recommend you to draw the eye to the upper left of the sheet. To do this, mentally divide the canvas into 4 parts and choose the area that is located on the left hand in the upper pane. Then draw two ovals with pointed corners and black predatory pupils. So, with album sheet we look at the mysterious animal eyes. Moving on.


Face of a cat

Then retreat down a bit, sketching the cat’s nose and two curved lines that look like a mouth. Now the cat has a face. Don’t forget to label the edges using the circle of irregular shape and draw a mustache.

The body, paws and tail

Moving down the sheet. Depicted the body of the animal. Let the cat sits sideways. Then draw the legs, the figure will be three of them. The hindlimb does not fall within the field of view. On the right will be fabric. It is slightly bent, is drawn as two curves, which are combined together.

Now you know how to draw a cat. And if a child asks you to draw a kitten or want to brag to your friends with your artistic talent, you will succeed.

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