How to download videos from YouTube to your computer?

YouTube is a video hosting service that allows you to watch many different videos. Movie trailers and games, various funny moments, video blogs website replete with content of all sorts. Not surprisingly, some of the videos you want to keep, so people wonder how to download videos from YouTube to your computer.

how to download videos from YouTube to computer

By itself, the resource does not allow to download the files to your hard drive. Movies you can watch, send to friends or put on social network, but to download them is simply wrong. In the search method of overcoming such limitations is easy to stumble upon such a Council – «opening video, type in the link before the word youtube two’s».

In fact, if you try to execute this, it will become obvious the fact of the impossibility of downloading content without third-party resources or programs. Their own on the Internet a lot. To choose a free working version is problematic, so you should consider some of the most popular options.

How to download videos from YouTube to computer using

When you try to boot with adding ss, the browser will open a website which offers to install a program called It remains one of the most popular that enable you to download videos from Youtube.

  • This method does not involve installing additional software (although this also exists).
  • Simply go to the website
  • At the top is the box that offers to insert the link.
  • Here and need to put the address of the selected video.
  • The service will automatically find the right roller, will reflect his thumbs, and then will return a list of possible formats for downloading.
  • If you want, you can select medium quality or highest.

savefrom.the clean

Then, you will only click on the «Download» button and soon the file will appear on the computer. It can be viewed, saved on some other media or to upload somewhere else. In addition, the website offers to install the Helper that will allow you to download files without entering the website.

Using you can get videos not only from YouTube but also from several other resources, including Facebook and VK. The website provides instructions for each system.

There is another service, the principle of operation is absolutely the same as described above. Individuals can evaluate getmevideo, which also gives the opportunity to choose the formats of clips, like mp4 or webm. In addition, some of these resources include the ByClick, SaveDeo, and others.


The use of programs

In order to download videos from Youtube, do not have to go to other sites. You can use a special existing programs. For example, quite popular Ummy Video Downloader. Download it from the official website which is easy to find using the name of the program.

After download the computer, Downloader you need to install and run. In the future, the download process will be exactly the same as when using specialized sites.

How to download videos from YouTube on your computer:

  • Copy the link of the selected video;
  • To put it into the appropriate field in the program;
  • Choose the format and quality;
  • Click on the button «Download».

So easily and quickly Youtube videos can be on any computer. The program is always at hand, it is not necessary to separately open in the browser, while it is very simple. All this makes this method is quite convenient.

Ummah Video

Internal plugin

No matter how high were the download through sites and programs, of course, much easier to download files directly from Youtube. Officially this does not, however, here the plugins.

Each browser in the settings you can find a section called extensions. It exists for Opera and Google Chrome, and Mozilla. Typically, these extensions are used to establish a program that allows you to download music from VK and download the plugin Adblock, reduces display advertising (including in movies).

In this section you will find the appropriate plugin to download videos from Youtube. In the case of Firefox, the program is called Download Youtube Videos. In the app store for Google Chrome to easily find a free version with a similar name.

  • Going to the desired page, you must type in the search box «Youtube Video Downloader».
  • The results will show two options. The first would only repeat the name, and the second appears the signature Multiformat.
  • Although the latter seems more attractive in the process of loading it opens the site with ads.
  • Selecting your option, will stay click on the button «Free», and follow the instructions to install the browser plugin.
  • Then under the videos on Youtube website appear cherished button download.

It is usually easy to find such a plugin for any browser. The name is always similar as the installation method, and the end result. There are cases when plugins, for unknown reasons, not working. Fortunately, you can always use sites or programs described above.

YouTube Video

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