How to download music with Classmates?

In addition to communicating with friends, social networks give people other options. For example, with these resources you can listen to music and watch videos. But what if you want to download any track on your computer or laptop? How to download music with Classmates?

Like most other social networks, the site does not provide internal capabilities to download songs on the computer. Fortunately, there are various methods with which you can work around this fact.

how to download music with classmates

How to download music from Classmates with

If you specify your search question how to download music with Classmates, one of the first links will be the site It can be used to download a plugin, and quite versatile. It will allow to download not only music but also videos and not only from the site Classmates.

  • After the program is downloaded to the computer, you have to run it by double-clicking.
  • The screen will appear the menu that you want to add.
  • The following window will be prompted to confirm you read the License agreement. You need to read the text and make written.

license agreement

  • Then there will be one of the important points. The program will ask to choose the installation type. It is impossible to put a tick next to «Full», as this will lead to the completely useless things, like Yandex Browser, different managers for him and more. Select the «customize settings» and remove all the extra ticks.
  • After this is done, you press «Next», and so start the installation process.


  • When it ends, you will need to close the window click «Finish».

the end

  • If everything is correct, then next to each audio track and Classmates will appear cherished the button to Download. Click on it to choose where to save the file, and the process will start.

Some instructions suggest to install the Tampermonkey plugin to work correctly but, really, there’s absolutely no need. The app can be useful only for people versed in scripts, but most of the rest of it is just in the way.


Download using OkTools

The second most popular plugin to download music with Classmates OkTools is. It allows you to download free multimedia content in the most popular browsers. This extension is easy to download from the Internet, and the installation process will be similar to the previous one.

After everything is done, you can start copying music to your computer. OkTools allows you to upload as one track, and several. For starters, you need to go to the tab with the music. In its upper part to house the «Download»button.

  • Clicking on this button will result in a small menu.


  • Here you can select certain songs to be downloaded, or to select the item «Select all».
  • Once the desired track is selected, you can begin downloading to your computer by selecting «Save».
  • If specified was unnecessary tracks, you can use the button «deselect».


Advantages OkTools obvious, but this extension has several disadvantages. First and foremost, most users find pop-UPS. In them, the plugin developers asking them to write a review or read some news. In addition, Classmates may appear unnecessary, absolutely unnecessary functions.

Therefore, many prefer to use the loader Skyload. He also is on the Internet, and is installed the same way as all the previous ones. This method of loading songs with Classmates is not suitable for those who prefer to use the Mozilla Firefox browser. In most of the other options it will work.


How to download music with Classmates without extra plugins?

There is the possibility of downloading music from the website and without a variety of plugins. However, it requires certain knowledge and sufficient work. To use extensions and plugins much easier and simpler, but if there is no way to download them, you should consider method below.

  • For starters, you need to open the playlist and Classmates.
  • Having found in him the desired track, press the right key.
  • In the resulting window, select «inspect element».

view code

  • This step may be replaced by a combination of Shift, Ctrl and I.
  • At the top of the pop-window, you’ll count Network – and you have to press.


  • After this it is necessary to start the selected track. While he will play, will automatically populate the table.


  • After a certain amount of time will appear an inscription «audio/mpeg». It is a link to download the track to your computer.
  • You have to press right-click and select «Open link to a new tab». This will start the download.


  • All that remains is to find the downloaded file on the computer. This can be done by using the downloads section in the browser.

Obviously, this method is much harder and requires more actions, but it does not need to download any additional programs. In General, everyone is free to choose how to download music with Classmates.

music classmates

Video instruction

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