How to do the splits

Excellent physical shape is an indication that the person cares about themselves. Through exercise you can achieve great shapes, which is also important. In this regard, many people are interested in how to do the splits in no time?

Where to start?

First we need to understand that the time in which you sit on the string depends on the stretching. Therefore, it is necessary to develop it, and then do it quickly. It is easier to sit on the splits. In this case one leg is in front, and second back. Side splits is an exercise in which the legs go in different directions that make complicated.

how to do the splits

Now in the Internet you can see articles that are written on how to do the splits for the week. Actually, that’s not true. To learn how to do the splits in such a short period of time can or children or adult athletes. So, start practicing stretching and do not expect quick results. Remember these rules:

  • do not rush;
  • engage as often as possible, preferably every day;
  • each training session should not be shorter than half an hour;
  • when a sharp pain during class, stop;
  • let your muscles a chance to relax.


Before class, be sure to do the workout. It includes Jogging, jumping rope, rotation of the legs, squats and leg swings. Then you can move on to the exercises.

Exercises for the splits

To start it out easy so that the muscles have warmed up».

1. The bends with hands behind back «to the castle».

To do this exercise, you need to stand, place feet shoulder-width apart, bring hands behind his back, clasping them at the castle. Then arms go up, and the back is curved. The chest should extend to the thighs while tilting. Ensure that the legs were smooth. Stand in this position have two or three minutes, after which you can straighten up.


2. The slopes to the foot

This exercise is difficult. Sit on the floor, extend your legs. The right leg should be bent and put to the side that the thigh was uncovered as possible. Right hand at this time try to reach the outer side of the foot of the left leg. The body at this point should lie on the right foot as possible. The left arm should pull to the foot. Ensure that shoulders are not raised. Hold this position have a minute or two, then have to get up, rest and continue.


3. Deflections

For this exercise, you will need one leg to lean back and leave flat, and second to put forward and bent at the knee. This is not as easy as it seems, but due to the deflection you will improve your stretching.


4. Bending forward with opening the legs

This exercise is difficult, but when you get to run it, you will understand that you will soon be able to do the splits. So, to execute it, you must sit on the floor and to dissolve straight legs in different directions. The pelvis can move forward, but his legs slip forward don’t need. You can then tilt the case with a flat back forward until until you feel a burning sensation around the knees. Stay in this position, it takes about a minute and then relax your body.


5. Power stretching standing

You can stretch the muscles using their hands, which is very effective. This requires you stand up straight, and closed foot. Weight move on one leg, and the second one begins to rise, holding her hands. The leg you raised, you must hold your thumb and straighten. If you do, then pull the thigh towards the abdomen, and the foot needs to rise to the ceiling. Then lower your leg to the floor very slowly. Repeat the exercise, changing legs.


6, «Test string»

If you perform all the exercises, and noticed that you have improved stretching, can do the splits with insurance in the form of brick or pillow. You pull under your body, and try to do the splits. You will notice that you have become better and eventually the insurance can be less and less, so then you got the splits right on the floor.


The splits really!

Thus, we can say that the splits at home you can. Most importantly, is constantly to do and to perform as many exercises to improve stretch marks. Start with longitudinal splits, and then you get to sit in side splits. Good luck!

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