How to do the splits at home?

Any person who makes time for physical exercise and as my body pursues different goals. Some want to lose weight, others dream about the relief of muscle and still others are interested in a good stretch. Although the latter is a complex activity, many just want to learn how to do the splits at home.

how to do the splits

Forget about speed

When it comes to physical changes, everyone wants instant results. Want to see the relief cubes after five minutes of crunches. I want to start to lift a weight twice as high as their the next day after pick up a dumbbell. Want to have a flat stomach, abandoning the first candy. The same thing happens with the stretch. Setting Internet the question of how to do the splits, people run into a huge amount of information in the style of «the splits», «splits in 5 days», «the splits in record time» and all in this style.

Objectively speaking, the splits at home for a few days really, but only in two cases:

  • If the person is already well stretched, the tendons flexible and strong back. He needs only a little work in a certain direction.
  • If the person is just dramatically lowered to the desired position, with breaking his own muscles and ligaments.

If it does not apply to the first option, and not eager to spend time in the hospital, forget about short period of time. The development of twine takes time, sometimes considerable.

twine injury

Key points

So, if the decision to do the splits carefully, if it is adequate, and no desire to completely get down on the floor for a couple of days, we can start moving toward your dream.

First and foremost, you need to assess your physical abilities. Of course, looking at all the things that are doing professional athletes, I want to repeat it. They usually, doing exercises with ease that creates the illusion that it really is that simple. If an untrained person begins to carry out everything as well as trainers on screen all he gets is a trauma and a complete unwillingness to continue training.

This is particularly important in relation to stretch marks. If you find a relevant video training, they teachers will do the exercises at full amplitude. That is, if you want with straight legs to touch the hands of sex, they touch, and, most likely, palms, and even elbows can bend. Watching this video may not yet be ready for this. It is important to know your limits, know when to stop.

However, this issue has another side. Do not underestimate their borders. Some people just don’t want to try, to strive or to suffer minimal discomfort during stretching. All this is often framed something in the style of «Oh, I can’t, I find it difficult». You must find the fine line between «that is for me too difficult» and «probably don’t want to do that.»


How to do the splits

Although it seems that all that is needed for twine is a flexible foot, in fact, the situation is somewhat more complicated. It is understood that it is not enough just to get on the floor, you also need to be able to sit properly in this position with a straight back. For this to work not only on the flexibility of the legs, but the back and on the joints.

In this regard, it is best to begin your journey to twine through a comprehensive treatment of the entire body, the benefit that on the Internet you can easily find full-fledged training courses. This will not only help muscles and joints prepare for the twine, but will warm up the body for the most effective stretch marks.

Warming up is as important as exercises for flexibility, if not more important. First, without a warm-up, the chance of an injury greatly increases. Secondly, it is warmed muscles can stretch to.

So, after a workout, or at least ten-minute warm-up, you can go to the direct exercises for the splits.

  • Lunges forward and hold in the lower position. It is important to make sure that the knee forms a 90-degree angle so it does not protrude beyond the toes.

attack twine

  • «Butterfly» that everyone can remember from school.

twine Metalic

  • Stretching hamstrings.
  • Leg swings forward and sideways.

Exercises for flexibility of the feet there are many. You can pick out any course.

After stretching, you can go directly to the twine. We must try gradually to descend into the correct position. Reaching the point below which the fall is not obtained, you need to stay in it as much as the body, and then slowly and carefully rise.


When to expect results?

So the splits for a few days will be able only a professional athlete like a gymnast. Other people will have to spend a lot of time, sometimes several months. Two people doing the same program, you can end up with completely different results, since the composition of each body is as individual as the elasticity of the muscles.

If you show enough perseverance and regular practice, the goal will be achieved.


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