How to do massage

Properly done massage not only helps us to relax and rejuvenate, but also able to cure a huge number of ailments. Of course, if you want to experience all the benefits of this procedure, you need to find a good massage therapist. If you do not have this capability, you can learn how to do it. How to do massage to help yourself?

Basic rules how to do massage

There are numerous various techniques of massage. But whatever one you choose, you need to know the basic rules that used by experts in performing this procedure that the massage was salvation and not caused you harm.

  1. Massage movements should be carried out in the course of lymph flow, that is to located in this place lymph nodes. For example, massaging the back should be starting from the spine to sides and from the pelvis to the neck. Massage movements in the chest area going from the stomach in the direction of underarms. The abdomen should be massaged in the course of the clock hands. Doing massage of the hips, move from the knee to the groin, and from the foot to the knee. The massage brush made from the fingers to the wrist and further up the arm.
  2. Yourself lymph nodes and the chest in the area of the nipple can not be massaged.
  3. During the procedure, you must fully relax the muscles.
  4. One step taken to repeat up to 8 times, strong techniques, changing weaker.
  5. Massage movements should not cause pain or other discomfort of the patient. Otherwise, the procedure should be discontinued.
  6. The temperature in the room where the massage should not exceed 20 degrees.
  7. General massage should start with the big sites.
  8. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to take a shower. In extreme cases, allowed wiping with a wet towel.
  9. A special cream, oil, or other funds are needed only in certain medicinal purposes, if massaged thick hair, which may interfere with the massaging motion, or its skin is too wet.
  10. In the hands of the masseur should not be rings. You must work simultaneously with both hands.
  11. Depending on what results you expect to achieve, selects the pace of the massage. Quick – invigorates and excites the nervous system, harmonizes the average, but a slow massage, she relaxes.
  12. Among the various techniques should not be breaks.

Basic techniques of massage

Even if you don’t know how to do massage and just make some random motion, you can still use the techniques of a particular technology. In summary there are 8 techniques, 6 of which are main. These include:

  • stroking the skin surface;
  • therapeutic movement;
  • warm-up;
  • rubbing of the skin;
  • squeezing;
  • vibrating motion.

2 auxiliary massage techniques used to increase or decrease the physiological effects of those techniques, which are considered major. Take a closer look.


Them begins and ends each massage. During stroking of the palm slide on the surface of the skin. The 4 fingers should be tightly closed, in that time, your thumb is assigned as far as possible to the side. Pats stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, improve skin tone, elasticity, relieve tension and pain and help to remove dead epidermis cells from the skin surface.

Therapeutic movement

Stimulate the movement of blood and lymph, help to increase the mobility of joints, ligaments, and elasticity, have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal apparatus. This is used not only active, but passive movement, and where movement of resistance.


This is the basic method of massage, so it is a significant part of the session. It can be carried in two ways: by pulling or pressing of the muscles.


This technique is typical of any massage equipment and provides the ability to eliminate pain and provide mobility after injuries or overuse. Rubbing affects the joints, tendons and ligaments, eliminating congestion and sediments. Most often the rubbing is straight or circular movements of the fingers collected in a fist, palm or base.


This technique is performed with the edge or base of the palm. It affects the superficial muscles, tendons, skin and subcutaneous fat. Squeezing accelerates lymph flow, improves metabolic processes in the skin, reduces swelling.


This technique relaxes the muscles, reduces swelling, eliminates fatigue, calms the nervous system, restores strength.

Video instruction

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