How to disable service at home Everywhere?

Modern cellular operators full of a variety of tariffs, features and services. They try to offer their subscribers a variety of innovations, to stand out against other similar companies. Some services will be activated only for a time, if necessary, and then there is a question like «how to disable service at home, Everywhere?».

how to disable service at home, everywhere

Description of service

Service «Everywhere at home» is a mobile operator MTS. This is one of the most popular telecommunications companies in Russia and CIS countries. Its name can be deciphered as Mobile TeleSystems.

MTS began its history at the end of October 1993, and today it remains one of the most expensive brands. Where extends the network is over a hundred million subscribers.

Over time, telecommunication companies began to focus not only on the communication of people in the same city but in different regions and even countries. For this purpose, and was created service «Everywhere at home». It is designed to make long distance and international calls is not so expensive and terrible as they usually are.

No wonder the option got its name – it is believed that her people would feel «everywhere at home», because he won’t have to worry about that one-minute phone call from another country evaporates all of his money.

Of course, not everything is so rosy. So, the cost of calls and SMS greatly reduced, but in order to service act, must act the network operator. That is where there are no towers MTS, this SIM card will not work, and hence will not work and the service.

at home, everywhere

That will give the service connection?

If you plan to travel to another city or country, but on the territory contains the tower of the cellular operator MTS, you can think about connected to the service «Everywhere at home». It will allow you to:

  • Free to receive any calls,
  • Outgoing calls will cost three rubles per minute
  • The price of all other aspects such as SMS and use the Internet outside their home city will remain the same, which establishes the basic rate.

If it is decided that such a service is needed, you can easily connect it on your phone.

  • It is enough to dial *111*3333# and press the call.
  • Then you need to adhere to these instructions. In particular, it will be necessary to send the numbers 3333 to 111.
  • If you are unable to cope with the USSD command, then you can always call the hotline or use the personal account.

calls to sea

How to disable service at home Everywhere?

Almost all ever coming to an end. Vacation ends, I have to go home, where there is no roaming, where all calls and conversations cheap by themselves. Then there is no need for the service for international calls. Many then wonder how to disable service at home Everywhere?

It is very simple.

  • Use the same number as the connected services.
  • After typing the command you want to send 33330 to 111.
  • If something does not work, you can always turn for help to an operator or log in to your personal account.

If there is no certainty as to whether the service is disconnected, you can check its status. It’s enough to send any sms to the number 8111. You can also use USSD by dialing *152# or call the hotline.


Why is it necessary to disconnect the service at home, Everywhere?

A long enough don’t want to spend the time to disable the services they don’t need anymore. Do not delay this, as, despite the overall reduction in the cost for the calls, the money still will go.

First, the connection service will cost thirty roubles. Moreover, in the future, for each day of its use (even if no phone calls were not) will be shot for 7 rubles. You don’t need such extra expenses if he had returned to his hometown. Deactivate absolutely free.

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