How to disable mobile banking?

With mobile Bank faces virtually anyone who decided to get their own card. When the results of the employee connects to the service with a «full package», thus not allowing to choose «economical» and not talking about it. As a result many question about how to disable mobile Bank.

how to disable mobile Bank

This service will be useful for those who often uses the website Sberbank Online. It will help to enter the system without permanent printout of one-time passwords. However, in addition, it allows a person to get persistent SMS notifications of various operations. Receipt and expenditure of funds, their account balance – all of this information will be supplied to the phone. On the one hand, it’s convenient, but on the other hand, for such a «complete package» Sberbank will charge a monthly fee.

Features of the mobile Bank

In addition to receiving informational SMS connected full option services will have the opportunity to perform various transactions using a mobile phone. For example, it will be able

  • replenish the amount on their simkarta,
  • to block, if necessary, account,
  • to repay the loans,
  • to transfer funds from one card to another.

All these people will be able to free of charge for one to two months, and then the card will be debited the monthly fee. In addition, various requests such as the provision of account statements, also will be charged money.

If all this card holder is not worried, he can leave the existing package of services. If a person need a Internet Bank, I really need to connect «economical» package. Of them on the phone will not receive SMS information, but will not be charged the monthly fee.

To change the package in any ATM of Sberbank, as well as via SMS. You need to write «ECONOMY», and then provide the last four digits of the combination card. For example, it will look like the ECONOMY is 1234. It all goes to 900. Finally, it is possible to call the contact center. Saying personal information, card number and code word, the owner will be able to get a new data plan.

mobile banking

How to disable mobile banking?

This question often appears when there is a change of SIM card. These resources are tied to it, and modern numbers, after a certain downtime, resold to new subscribers. In such a simple way in the hands of someone may be the access to online Bank.

Before you abandon this SIM card, you need to make sure that it is disabled access to the map, but it is also important to link the Online savings to the new rooms.

How to disable mobile Bank:

  • Many people recommend just to send a text message with the text of BLOKIROVKU to the number 900, but it will only turn off notifications on the phone will not receive information from the Bank, but the funds will continue to be charged. Thus, this method cannot be considered complete trip. Moreover, knowing the last four digits of the card number and code word, the attacker will be able to unlock the service.
  • If you want to completely disable mobile Bank, you have to go to a branch of Sberbank. There employees will offer to write the statement, and will also need to submit required documents. First and foremost, this ID, i.e. passport, and the registration agreement. Instead, it is possible to provide the card itself. After tripping three days later, the phone receives the confirmation message.
  • You can disable mobile banking through a call to the room 8-800-555-5550. When talking need personal information, including the number and code word. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for all types of cards.

the office of Sberbank

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