How to disable Internet on MTS?

Mobile Internet uses practically every smartphone owner. However, there may be situations when the need for it disappears. This raises the question, how to disable Internet on MTS on your phone, tablet or any other device.

how to disable Internet on MTS

The Russian company MTS appeared in the mid-nineties, and today it has more than 107 million subscribers in many countries. The company offers different tariffs, including for Internet use.

Tariff options MTS

Usually when a person wants to learn how to disable Internet on MTS, he is interested in the suspension of the tariff optionsprovided by the operator. With their help, you can get a certain number of megabytes or gigabytes to use the network, but will be charged a monthly fixed fee.

All of these three modes.

  • The name «Minibit» it is easy to guess, the fare offers minimal services. He gives a small traffic, but the number (and therefore paid) only to the extent necessary. Logging in to the network, the subscriber gets 10 MB, the exhaustion of being new 10. Just a day you can get up to ten such packages, in total 100 MB. If the person did not go to the Internet, and to pay him not to come.
  • Option BIT provides 75 MB of residents of Moscow and Moscow region. You can connect as 3G and 4G network.
  • The tariff option «Superbit» gives the maximum number of traffic – 3 GB, and also free access to the vault, where you can leave your multimedia needs, notes, contacts. Many can please the fact that Superbit is available throughout Russia.


How to disable Internet on MTS?

Each of the above tariff options has its own method of disconnection. There are always a few, but it is necessary to consider the existing differences.

  • It is easier to stop action «BIT» by using special commands. On the phone you need to dial *252*0# and then launch a call.
  • Disabling can also be done via SMS messages. The number 111 is sent to the «2520», there is no charge.
  • If you want to disable the «Superbit» that uses a combination *111*628*2# or numbers 6280, are sent to the same number.
  • Finally, the refusal of the «Minibit» you need to dial *111*62# and press the call or send SMS with text «620».

Often there are situations when the above-mentioned methods, for one reason or another, do not work. If this happens, you can apply to other methods that require a bit more time.

First, every MTS subscriber is able to access the personal account. Once in it, people can find all the necessary information on tariff options and other services. They can be disabled.

personal account

Second, if nothing helped, then, picking up a passport (or a person with a passport, which recorded SIM card), you need to contact the office of the official representative of MTS. The employee will help to solve all the problems.

Disabling Internet on your tablet and computer

Regardless of device, you can use the two methods mentioned above appeal to your personal account and going to the office representative. However, there are other options.

  • For suspension options «Tablet-mini», use the command *111*885# or text 8850, all sent to the same number.
  • «MTS tablet» is disabled by replacement of the 885 to 835.


If simkarty MTS is used in the modem to provide network access on the computer then, for starters, you need to figure out which rate connected. There are only four Mini, Maxi, and Super Vip. Learn the information and take care disconnecting, you can use the personal account – in this case, this is the easiest method.

Find out which plan is used, you can use the call operator. After the name received, need to use the appropriate USSD command. Its General appearance will always be as follows — *111*XXX# call button, where XXX is inserted an appropriate combination selected from those listed below.

  • To disable the Internet-typed in Mini 160.
  • Maxi – 161.
  • Stop Internet-Super – 162.
  • VIP – 166.

In addition, off the Internet again by sending a free SMS. In the first case, you need to send digits in 1600, the second in 1610, the third – 1620, and finally, 1660.

MTS modem

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