How to disable alarm on MTS?

If You are booked on your mobile phone a specific ringtone or ringtone tone, you know very well how to disable this feature. But what do the MTS, which is the melody of the horn, roughly speaking, «gave» the operator? Inattentive subscriber briefly read another nondescript text like «You are provided with a trendy melody tone ABSOLUTELY FREE!», and did not react. A week later, suddenly found that the money from his account began to disappear considerably faster still. What’s the matter? And how to disable the beep on the MTS in such a case?

The essence of the service «Beep»?

First, consider what actually is this function. Nothing supernatural: many people are tired every time an outgoing call is heard in the dynamics of boring for many years monotonous ringing until the other person does not pick up the phone, and You want the ear of a man who tries to call You, caressed by a pleasant song. For each person you can set a specific song: this could be due to associations, memories, or You just want to know what song is in this period of time especially warms your soul.

PoslugaService «Gudok»

Is the service «Tone» is very inexpensive – about 60 rubles per month, and therefore enjoys great popularity. Of course, to connect or disconnect it at any time. If You want to disable this function, send an sms with the text OFF at 0550. Immediately You will receive a message that the service «Tone» is no longer active. This whole procedure absolutely free. To make sure that instead of ringing now do hear the beeps, make a call to your own number from another phone.

Disable with the help of USSD-commands

Any service operator MTS, whether paid or not, calmly and quickly turns off a certain USSD-command. If You don’t want to wait until the employee support services available, to solve Your problem, use this option. Dial *111*29# and make the call. After a few moments the function «Beep» will be disabled. And also, of course, free.

USSD team at MTSUSSD-command MTS

Most importantly – make sure that You have not done it before. Anything can happen, this moment can easily fly out of your head. Because otherwise you risk re-activate the service, because this USSD command applies not only to disable, but to connect. Therefore, carefully follow this nuance.

Disabling services on the official website of MTS

Sure You are registered on the official website of the operator. If you need the most sensitive method deactivate «Beep», then enter my account. To do this, enter the phone number and password, although they can be configured by default. If the secret password is not created yet, dial *111*25# or just 111, and challenge. The answering machine will tell everything in detail, just follow the instructions.

Online assistant MTSOnline assistant MTS

Log in to my account, go to the tab «Internet assistant». If You have not activated this service before, connect it using the command *111*23#. Carefully examine the interface, and will easily find the button «Services». Click on it and among the list of numerous services, You will see pay-option «Horn». You can immediately disable it, and, in addition, to ascertain whether it is active on your phone at the moment, or find out information about the rate of this service. Ask also about the availability on Your mobile bonus rings.

Deactivation of the service by communicating with the operator of the company

In case You are not particularly pressed to get rid of unnecessary services, call center operator at MTS number customer service 0890. To verify Your identity, the operator will ask some questions, and then he will be ready to solve the problem. Music app «Beep» is switched off for a few moments, and no red tape in this procedure no. However, before You give final confident answer that You turn it off, the operator will likely begin to talk about all sorts of benefits and bonuses program, trying to discourage You the idea to abandon it. So stand firm on his own, the time has decided.

The call to the operatorThe call to the operator

Can be so that the operator will answer Your call, but, because of their workload, will recommend other quick services to deactivate the service. These include rooms 0550 and 07701, by calling on them, you will meet again with the voice answering machine and follow his instructions.

Disabling the «Beep» for citizens of Ukraine

If You live in Ukraine and use the service of MTS to deactivation you should send sms with text OFF to the number 700. You can still call this number and disable the «Beep» according to the prompts of answering machine, but this service costs 10 kopecks per minute, while sms will be absolutely free.

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