How to determine the sex of a kitten in the first days of life

Since three months of age to determine the sex of a kitten will not be easy. But what to do with a newborn? After all, he need to find the owner. And future owner need to know who of the kittens is a boy and who is girl. So how to determine sex of kitten? To determine sex of kitten, you need to use several methods of review:

  • The location of the genitals.
  • Color.
  • At the expression.
  • According to the body type.
  • By DNA analysis.

Each mode of sex determination refers to the different age of the baby, and in the first days of life to determine the sex of a kitten?

Definition of sex kitten on the genitals

This is best done in the first days of life, in otherwise fluffy individuals over time, this would be problematic.

  • The distance between the anus and genitals. Boys this distance more than girls. In males this distance is about 10 mm, in females about 5 mm.
  • At the age of two weeks, on the strip between the anus and the sexual organs of the male appears fluffy, and in females it without a gun.
  • To three weeks it is already possible to see the shape of genitals. The boy she resembles a colon, and the girls elongated line.

Definition of sex kitten on the genitals

At such a tender age is simply impossible to find in boys the presence of the testicles, because they are located in the abdominal cavity.

Experienced cat owner can find the little rolling balls. This is captured by the fold of skin between the anus and genitals and gently touched a finger.

But quite often there are errors in the sex determination in this way. The females can be swelling, which some mistook for the testicles.

To determine the sex of a kitten on the genitals is much easier if you have a lot of kittens. Comparing their butts, there will be noticeable differences. But if the cat gave birth to one kitten is very problematic. Therefore, it is easier when you can determine sex of kitten, give him to grow up.

DNA test

This test will give 100% result. Such a step are breeders of very expensive rocks when they can not accurately determine the sex of the baby. After all, the buyer who was waiting for his kitten, they must know what his gender.

To do this, the kitten takes a scraping from the inside of the cheeks. The results of this analysis will be known not only for child’s gender, but all genetic predispositions.

little kitties

How to inspect the kitten

During the inspection must be very careful to treat the baby. Little kitten is very fragile, when any awkward movement, it is likely that some damage to the baby. Important points:

  • The baby can not long hold on hands. Coat kitten very quickly absorb odors, sensing this, the mother will abandon it.
  • Inspection is best done when cats are not around.
  • In any case it is impossible to touch kittens when they are eating.
  • If the mother cat allowed to take the baby, not to abuse her patience.
  • The ambient temperature may harm the kitten.

Sex determination in color

Many believe that the most accurate way to know the sex of the kitten in color.

tortoiseshell kitten

  • Tortoiseshell colouring. Tri-color kittens are nearly always seals. All this is in our genes. A carrier tortoiseshell chromosome X, and in this case requires two chromosomes. And since cats have two X chromosomes and males have one, to own such a color can only cats.
  • Red color is almost always found in cats.

Traditional methods of determining kitten

Very observant people can accurately determine the sex kitten in some respects:

  • The look. Cats, as a rule, economic and self-assured look. Cats eyes wary, studying. But there are the cat who walks by himself and looking very arrogantly.
  • On wool. If you look at children, the kittens in the back, it will be apparent that in cats between the anus and the genitals wool grows very densely, and the cats there.
  • On the muzzle. Kitty it more neat, elegant. The cat muzzle is wide, coarse.
  • According to the body type. Females are very delicate, graceful. Males strong, big, sturdy.
  • Milk. To put before the kitten a bowl of milk and pay attention to the tail when he would drink. The cat he will stick with a pipe, of a cat lying on the floor.
  • In the urine. The cat specific, a stronger urine smell than the cats.

small seals

Distinctive traits

Kittens, like small children, acting the same, but with age in the caudate behavior changes. There are changes with puberty. Observations prove that:

  • Cats are more active than males, this also applies to hunting. If a cat grows up the offspring, her hunting instinct is multiplied. She is trying to bring their kids live prey.
  • Cats are more clean. Returned from a long spring walks, the first cat will sleep, and only then begin to clean myself up, and even then not every. Cat currently does not allow. And just cat likes to lick my hair for hours to make it sparkle. And a place to sleep the cat will look just clean and soft.
  • Cats mark their territory with drops of urine, and cats claws. The legs in cats, namely the cushions contain a special gland.
  • Cats like to be pampered with their masters, begging for a caress. The cat, on the contrary, prefers to be in the distance.
  • Studs arrange the fights for the lady of the heart, can round the clock to achieve its location. Cats will never fight for the cat.

Interesting about cats

  • Cat purring is very healing tool, namely the sound vibrations of a certain frequency. Many do not believe it, but in vain. It has been proved that the range in which the cats spend their purring, strengthens bones, improves cerebral blood circulation, normalizes heartbeat. Cat warms people and calms the nerves. Scientists have proven that vibrations that purrs the cat, promote cell regeneration. A purring cat helps to restore strength.
  • In medicine there is a direction — felinoterapiya. This area treats people with cats. Patient with high blood pressure simply offer to pet the cat. After some time the pressure normalized.
  • Help «koshkoterapiya», only with mutual love. If the power plant on the sore place and have no result. She should come and lie on the sore spot.
  • It is believed that purebred cats can cure a lot of diseases, and pedigree spetsializiruyutsya only on a certain group of diseases. Long-haired cats, calm, short-haired help in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, as Siamese are able to kill pathogenic microbes.

how to determine the sex of a kitten

These are the main methods to determine who is the cat and who cat. Carefully keep track of your favorite Pets, because most often to determine the sex of a kitten is very simple, no need to pay big money for a veterinary doctor or take the child for DNA analysis.

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