How to determine the sex of a child?

A woman carrying a baby is always associated with a variety of experiences. Expectant mother thinks about wheelchairs and a huge number of clothes to buy a child. To do this, not knowing the floor is hard enough because producers of children’s things usually are not doing almost anything neutral. Everything is either clearly male or clearly female. Therefore, pregnant women wonder how to determine the sex of a child?

how to determine the sex of the baby

Unscientific methods

Many in the early stages of trying to determine the sex of the child on the date on which he was conceived. Of course, the Internet it is easy to stumble upon online determinants, for example, the ancient Chinese on the table. However, it tries to answer the only at month of conception, and that information is incredibly small for any reliable facts.

However, the date is not something that can not tell the sex of the baby. However, we need very accurate numbers. If a woman is constantly monitoring your menstrual cycle to know the days when ovulation occurs, and uses this knowledge to effective conception, it may help to know the sex.

The point is that the sperm containing Y-chromosome, then there are those that will lead to the birth of a boy, living much less than an X chromosome. The first can live about two days and the second almost a week. Thus, knowing when there was a sexual act, but when was the immediate conception, it is possible to know the sex of the child.

However, this technique is not entirely reliable, although it’s still better than to pass the tests, which ask, that you pull and it was at the moment of conception window is open.


How to determine the sex of a child?

Modern medicine is able to conduct a number of scientific studies to find out the sex of the baby.

  • Sex determination by aminocentesis. The essence of this process is that pierced the amniotic bubble. Is drawn off from it the fluid that is analyzed. This gives you the opportunity to know the sex, but the procedure is quite dangerous. It is used only when the probability of chromosomal disorders in the baby.
  • Cordocentesis is blood sampling from the umbilical cord of the fetus. Of course, this also will not spend for the sake of satisfying the curiosity of the parents. However, if it was decided to verify the presence of genetic diseases, along the way, you can learn the floor.
  • Sometimes during pregnancy there is a need to determine the fetus inherited certain diseases. For this, a biopsy of the chorionic villi. As a result of this procedure is possible at the same time to find out the sex.
  • You can order a urine analysis for hormone levels. With the help of special indicator to determine which hormones more. It can tell the sex of the baby.
  • Using venous blood to conduct DNA analysis. This extremely costly method allows you to have six weeks with almost one hundred percent probability to know the sex of the child.



Most people with the primary question of how to determine the sex of a child, appeal to the most common and simple methods. The examination using ultrasound is a mandatory part of regular visits to the doctor pregnant. Without this, there is virtually no childbearing. Typically, ultrasound is not necessary to pay extra and get so the floor can be had from the twelfth week. In the early stages to see is in my belly a boy or girl, quite difficult, but still possible. Clearer images are obtained using a 3D ultrasound, but such devices are used not in all.

This examination allows not only to learn the baby’s gender with an accuracy of up to 98%, but also able to detect various diseases and abnormalities. What is especially important, ultrasound (if not abuse) is absolutely safe for mother and baby, what can be said about the complex analyses carried out for sex determination in the early stages.


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