How to determine pregnancy without a test?

For most women pregnancy is a welcome event, and they want to know that the desired conception happened. There are those for whom this is all a bad dream, but for them it is also important to know in advance about the development of the fetus. Both that and another is wondering how to determine pregnancy without a test.

You must understand that to obtain accurate information at home is impossible. To guarantee the fact of pregnancy can only doctor who will perform ultrasound examination. If a woman it is important to know exactly conception occurred or not, then it is bound or to address to the gynecologist, or at least to start, buy a test.

However, if time is short, and the woman is just not in a hurry to know everything for sure, she can pay attention to the condition of his body, as well as a several people’s recipes. As already mentioned, this does not guarantee a credible result, however, can cause visiting the doctor. He will confirm a successful conception.

how to determine pregnancy without a test

How to determine pregnancy without a test of the popular methods?

In the old days, mothers could not go to the hospital and get tested or buy a test at your local pharmacy. They had to use other methods. Their result does not always coincide with reality, but sometimes it still worked. The process is based on the reaction of urine with various substances.

You can try to learn without a test, pregnant or not, using such funds:

  • Baking soda. Normal ingredient that will be in the house, almost every person, or, in extreme cases, it is possible for a penny to buy in the shop. In the result of conception in women is somewhat different balance of acids and alkalis. So if you add the baking soda in the urine, there may be two options. The substance hisses and bubbles – pregnancy is not. Soda settles at the bottom in the family is expected to replenish.
  • Instead of soda as a reagent iodine can be used, which is also very easy to get. Just a drop in a container of urine. If it immediately dissolves and disappears, the woman is not pregnant, but if it floats at the top, in the form of the same drops, it is feasible to talk about a successful conception.

To learn the answer, you can just palpating the abdomen. This is due to the fact that conception leads to increased blood flow to the organs, particularly the uterus and fallopian tubes. Already two days after the start of the planned pregnancy, you can feel the area two fingers below the navel. If there well heard the heartbeat, it indicates the likely development of the fetus.

Many who uses these ways to learn about the free pregnancy test at home as they are available, and for information do not need to leave the apartment. Besides, they are completely safe and are not binding. However, traditional methods should be taken only as a kind of psychological preparation, but the end result will still have to get on a chair in the doctor’s office.

soda I iodine

How to know about pregnancy before the delay without the test?

To determine the onset of pregnancy without a test, really are a much more complex, but much more scientific methods. For example, the so-called common measurement of reproductive phase. The main problem is that the result can be obtained if the work had been started well in advance.

  • To use this method you need to measure the temperature immediately after waking up, so it is best in the evening to prepare himself for a clock, thermometer, pen and paper. To arrange all this we need convenient, since every extra movement can affect the final result.
  • First and foremost, you need to write in the notebook, which is now the woman day of the menstrual cycle. Date affects what temperature can be considered normal.
  • It is best not to drink at night instead of the morning of measurements to run to the bathroom.

Now we have to check in five to seven days. In the end will be drawn with a specific schedule. He’s about to show the changes that occurred in a woman’s body. The measurement is produced as follows:

  • For this fit an ordinary thermometer, which people use to measure body temperature in diseases. However, in this case it will need to be placed under the arm, and the vagina or the rectum. This must be done immediately, without getting out of bed.
  • It is best to measure daily at the same time. In the process it is better not to move and to change posture in which the woman woke up. In this position, you must lie down for approximately eight minutes.

In order to obtain more reliable results, at the time of the tests (or better – forever, especially considering the possibility of pregnancy), you should refrain from alcohol consumption and Smoking.

A week later, the woman will have a graph of the changes in her basal temperature. For the beginning of the cycle is the norm of 36.5 to 36.7 degrees. Closer to ovulation, the figures increase to 37. It is usually the temperature goes back, to 36.6, but if a woman is pregnant, then this will not happen.

In General, this method applies to a fairly reliable, however the result can be trusted only if all conditions are fulfilled. In addition, sometimes the high temperatures of a successful conception, and on the inflammatory process in this region.

basal temperature

Characteristics of the organism

Sometimes a woman can understand that she is pregnant, significant changes that will occur in her body as a result of hormones. This will affect the overall condition of the mother and its appearance.

  • Dizziness and blurred – a fairly common symptom of early pregnancy. Sometimes women feel a kind of veil or sand in the eyes. However, apart from hormonal changes, this can be due to fatigue and stress.
  • During pregnancy can increase not only the basal but also the temperature of the whole body. If she has long held about the district 37-37,5 degrees, sometimes it says that the body treats the embryo as a foreign body. Sometimes the heat is maintained throughout the first trimester. However, it is better to make sure that the temperature is not due to some other, more pathological reasons.
  • Although nasal congestion is the classic sign of a cold or other inflammation in the body, sometimes it can talk about the pregnancy. The fact is that due to increased blood supply may swell the nose, which becomes difficult to breathe.

One of the most famous signs of pregnancy is the increase of the female breast. It swells, nipples get a different color. However, the same is true for the premenstrual period, so that this symptom does not guarantee the incident of conception.

Breasts during pregnancy

Other signs of pregnancy

Sometimes when the baby starts moving from a tube to the wall of the uterus, the woman may experience pain and tingling in the lower abdomen. In rare cases accompanied by bloody discharge that suggests pregnant women think that conception has not occurred.

  • In the later stages of weight gain women it is quite logical, because a round belly is obvious. However, the extra weight sometimes appears at the beginning of the period, although this increase is insignificant. It stems from the fact that the fluid cannot easily leave the tissues develop swelling. Typically, this is accompanied by increased appetite.
  • A woman’s body begins to prepare for the birth of the baby, so he tries to improve everything. The expectant mother is better able to smell, see better, sharper feels tastes. However, it is often combined with vague fatigue, a constant desire to go to sleep, as the gestation robs the body lot of effort.
  • Sometimes changes in hormones cause pregnant body age spots appear, and can pop up HPV. However, this usually corresponds to the later stages like frequent urination due to pressure on the bladder. The signs which can be postnice and early, should include heightened sentimentality and other such mood swings.

Finally, the most famous symptom of pregnancy, which is constantly in the movies and other projects – nausea and gag reflex. This I know almost everything, but should understand that it is a symptom not the conception, and morning sickness, which developed on the background of pregnancy. Sometimes it does not appear in women, and therefore does not appear and nausea. Finally, it may be associated with the usual administration.


How to accurately determine pregnancy?

Every single one of the above methods, despite, sometimes, their entire confidence, can give an incorrect result. The fact is that many signs can cause not only pregnancy, and in carrying out various studies, it is difficult to achieve perfect conditions for the test.

Thus, to obtain a perfect result is possible only in clinics with tests and laboratories as well as at the gynecologist.

  • 7-10 days after conception in the blood of women increases the hormone HCG. If the analysis blood from a vein has shown an increase, then we can talk about the pregnancy even before the delay.
  • After the tenth week the gynecologist will be able to hear the baby’s heart with a stethoscope to the mother’s abdomen.

Finally, after the seventh week, and sometimes after the second pregnancy will show clearly by ultrasound. Today it is the most accurate and reliable method, for which, incidentally, also do not need to buy a test.

ultrasound pregnancy

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