How to determine breast size?

Almost 60% of modern women do not know the correct size of their Breasts. As a rule, sellers lingerie on the question of the size of the customer, the answer is common «two» or «three». It would seem, well here such — I do not know your chest? But really, this is a very important thing. Knowing how to determine breast size, you can quickly find the right set of underwear, not wasting a lot of time.

How to determine breast size

You also need to remember that the chosen bra can bring frustration and discomfort. Any woman don’t want to feel the tightness in the chest. On top of that incorrectly selected the subject of female clothes can harm the health. When wearing a bra can cause problems with posture. Well, not knowing your breast size, it is difficult to choose a model that is not only comfortable to sit but also to emphasize the dignity of the female body.

Definition of bust by the standards

To know what breast size will help the tape. Nothing complicated in definition, it does not have. The main principle is the correct measurements. All you need to do two measurements. Important rules for sizing will be:

  • The measurements are done in a comfortable bra. It should not have foam inserts. If the breast is large, then for most accurate size should wear bra without any substrates in the Cup.
  • Measurements have to shoot someone, for example, husband, mother, sister or girlfriend. In any case it is impossible to measure independently, this will lead to an incorrect determination of the amount.

determine the size of the breast

The first measurement should be taken at chest circumference. Measuring tape it is necessary to conduct the measurement under the Breasts. Tape should not pull the body and leave marks on the skin.

The second measurement is removed on the most convex areas of the breast, typically include such nipples. As well as when removing the first measurements the tape should not squeeze or smash into the body of a woman, you must make sure that it was parallel to the floor.

To determine the breast size you must calculate the Cup size. For this you need to carry out simple mathematical calculations, namely, find the difference between the first and second measurements. The main thing to remember in this case is the measure of the chest should be rounded up or down, depending on the result. For example, if the first measurement was from 67 to 72 cm, bust 70 cm If the measurement is in the range from 73 cm to 77 cm, the desired size will be 75 cm.

After you have determined the size of the Cup, it is possible, based on standards, understand what size bra will fit. For this you need to use a special table of values.

Cup size, cm The size of the breast
from 10 to 12 AA
from 12 to 13 And
from 13 to 15 In
from 15 to 17 With
from 18 to 20 D
from 20 to 22 DD
from 23 to 25 E
from 26 to 28 F

To determine the designation of breast size you need based on the table values, find out the letter designation of breast size and complement the figure obtained by removing the measurements of the chest circumference. This obtained result will be the size of the Breasts.

measured Obagi Breasts

European standards the size of the breast

When selecting bras made in the territories of Russia, Belarus, Germany, can be based on the result from the table above. But if it was planned to purchase linen from the Italian or French producers, then the size will be different. To properly determine your size, use the table below.

Bust by way of withdrawal measurements in Russia, Belarus, Germany, see Breast size by the standards of Italy Breast size by the standards of Spain, France, see
to 65 1 80
up to 70 2 85
to 75 3 90
up to 80 4 95
to 85 5 100
up to 90 6 105
to 95 7 110

International sizes

Except for European and Russian standard size lingerie, you can make a purchase, relying on the international size. Typically, it has a Latin letter. Based on these dimensions, you can easily pick up shirts and sweaters.

The main international sizes are given in the table below:

The underbust girth Letter size
up to 65 cm XS
up to 70 cm. S
cm to 75 cm. M
up to 80 cm L
85 see XL
up to 90 cm. XXL
up to 95 see XXXL
up to 100 cm. XXXXL

How to choose a size

When choosing underwear, you need to understand that the tabular values are average in nature and there is a possibility of choice is very comfortable product. Therefore, before purchasing you need to measure a bra. If the size corresponds to the value of 75V, and when fitting the product creates a feeling of tightness and discomfort, you can pick up interchangeable model, such as the size of 80A. Using this method you can pick up a perfectly fitting bra.

the precise definition of breast

Tips on choosing underwear

Fundamental when choosing a lingerie is the ease and comfort. The bra should not constrain movement, to compress the breast. Everything else, the cups should be nice to lie down mammaries and does not deliver discomfort. The Cup should not be void or rather the chest should not «fall out» of them. Relying on the tips provided below, you can make a truly good purchase.

  • In order to transform and decorate the figure to choose the correct model. If your Breasts are small, it is recommended to choose a bra with inserts push-up, this model visually enhance and lift your Breasts. At a sufficiently large size, the best option is to model minimizer.
  • The bra need to properly adjust to his sock was comfortable. Not allowed tightening the straps. If after removing the detected skin redness and pain, you should immediately change the model.
  • On all occasions you must have at least three of the bra. They should be chosen properly and do not cause discomfort when wearing.
  • You need to understand that with age, the Breasts can change size and form. Do not skimp on the subject of women’s wardrobe. You need to change and buy a new model.
  • If a woman is in an interesting position, she should be prepared for the fact that the size of her Breasts will rapidly change. And in order to reduce the risk of breast modifications, you need to choose a quality bra and do not chase the cheapness.

how to measure bust in cm

The bra is an essential piece of any woman’s wardrobe. In order to make the right choice, you need to know exactly the size of the Breasts. There is nothing difficult to define it. When choosing underwear should be based on the size classification of that uses a particular manufacturer. The mismatched model may harm women’s health, and also to distort the contours of the body. To avoid this you need to adhere to basic rules and advice on the selection of underwear. Important will be correct adjustment of the bra. The color and style should also not be in the side. To underline its merits, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of the candidate models. The bra should be the color of the basic clothes in your closet a lady must be at least three models.

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