How to delete Inbox Mail ru?

In the past few years the need for electronic mail occurs not so often as before. However, many remained mail addresses on various sites such as When they are no longer needed, the question arises, how to remove Inbox mail ru.

Despite the fact that today to your e-mail can be almost any search engine, addresses retain their popularity. However, this does not prevent the fact that sometimes you need to remove the drawer. Reasons for this may be different.

Often people tend to delete my box is not with him, but because they’re often attached to other services. For Google it is a whole range of third-party resources, including Android Market and YouTube. inextricably linked with the Answers and an Agent that resembles a legacy system Dating.

Finally, there are cases when the deletion is due to come letters, but in such cases it is necessary to remember about the possibility of marking the message as spam. In addition, no one bothers just do not enter your e-mail.

how to delete Inbox mail ru

The beginning of the removal process

Delete Inbox mail EN easily at any time. All you need to do is log in to your account and find the desired section.

  • After e-mail entered username and password it opens the main section of the box. At this stage, worth the extra time to think about the advisability of removal, and save all that you may need in the future.
  • If the email is tied to a variety of services, and they need, it is necessary to ensure that after the procedure, the access to these resources will continue.
  • In addition, it is better to just view the emails as they may be important information. Such leaves is enough to send to another account, if any, or make screenshots or just copy important on paper.
  • If potentially remove the harm, then, opening the drawer on the mile, we need to find the Help section. He is at the very bottom of the page, on the right, the box with letters in light gray.
  • After clicking on this item opens a section with which people allow diverse. Here you can learn General information about to understand how something works, and figure out how to delete mail on a mail ru.
  • The list of topics are on the left side, and in the center of the screen are the frequently asked questions.
  • On the eleventh line of this list is the same topic, which will understand.

In the future it is necessary to work with the internal functionality of the email contains all the relevant instructions.

frequently asked questions

How to delete Inbox Mail ru?

After clicking on the selected question from the list common to open a tab that will tell you how to delete the account. If suddenly when you step to the Help section in the center of the screen was not this list, then it is possible to find manually.

  • The left side is a list of topics.
  • One of the latest is «frequently asked questions and problems».
  • You need to click on this item then will appear drop-down list.
  • Approximately in the middle is a required question.

So, how recommends that you remove the drawers? First, the website reminds that you can destroy only the mail that has access. If the username and password are required addresses are known, then you need to click on a link to a special interfacethat the site provides for the removal process.

interface removal

On mail let me remind you about the likely negative consequences of removal. First, will be eliminated and access to various third-party projects. Second, a person can change his decision only for thirty days, but the internal information would still be lost.

If the account owner has loaded into the relevant sections of the videos or pictures, enjoyed the blog and was a participant in My World, he needs to understand that this data will disappear.

  • If a person satisfies all above conditions, then he needs to enter the reason for removal of mail in the appropriate box.
  • Below you will need to enter the password of the account you want to delete.
  • Then just press on the confirming button.

The process ends with a message from the website, which says that the mailbox is deleted.


Which mail to use?

Despite the fact that one e-mail removed, nobody bothers to make a different, and sometimes more than one. Fortunately, the servers that provide such opportunities, quite a lot. For example, it is realistic to have a new account on the same and you can refer to the most popular search engines.

Most often they are two — Yandex and Google. These resources can reveal how the shortcomings and advantages, and they will be like search engines in General and the email that they offer.

Today more and more people tend to use Pandora on Google, as it West and in some places stronger than quoted, but this account has a few notable shortcomings, which is not in any of the Russian mail:

  • Resource own tags incoming messages.
  • He moves them to folders as he wants.
  • Often multiple sheets are glued together into a single chain, which to work with them becomes even more difficult.

Despite these shortcomings, everyone is free to decide which site to have email and to have it at all.

Video instruction

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