How to delete a page on Facebook?

Facebook is a social network, very similar to the VK, but it is widely used abroad. Nevertheless, many Russian-speaking users also have an account on this resource, and sometimes they have to figure out how to delete a page on Facebook.

This is often a problem, as people are somewhat confusing the concepts of profile and page. For most users this is an absolute synonyms, and, to some extent, the way it is, but we can highlight some differences.

Overall, page is a part of the profile because except herself there is still the fact of having a username and password, as well as linking to e-mail or mobile number. One account can have multiple pages. If you want to completely remove everything from Facebook, you need to remove it account.

how to delete a page on Facebook

Temporary deactivation

Not always the person who wants to delete a page in Facebook, really wants to part forever with all that is stored on the account. Some just to their page for a time disappeared from this social network for some reason.

Here comes the so-called deactivating your account. Its main difference from the present delete that profile at any time, it will be easy to return. While it remains disabled, messages, photos and the page itself as a whole – all will be unavailable as the owner and other users of this resource.

Temporarily delete account in Facebook is very simple.

  • First you need to go to your profile on the website.
  • At the top of the page, you should find a small white triangle.


  • In menu select Settings.
  • In a new tab is the Security section.
  • There is also the graph is Deactivated, and the phrase «Deactivate account». It is necessary to press.



Before the button is a message, warning about the possible consequences of such a decision. Before clicking on «Deactivate account» you can still refuse it and cancel. If the decision is made, you need to click on the inscription.

The result window will appear in which you should pay attention to several points.

  • Under the description of the characteristics of deactivation will indicate the number of friends in profile lists.
  • Below you will need to enter the reason for leaving. You can select it from the list, including an option to mark that this decision is temporary, and you can write your explanation in the box provided.
  • Next, you must decide two questions: to receive email notifications after deactivation and should delete the program.

After this will only terminate the process by clicking the blue button with the word «Disable».


How to delete a page on Facebook?

If you want to delete a page in Facebook, you will have to use another method. In order to begin the process, you can use a special link:


There is no difference, first log in or to do it even after transition to the page. In any case, will appear the «Delete my account».

  • Here you need to click on the blue button of the same name.
  • After that, we again need to confirm their intention to leave Facebook, dial the password from the deleted account and enter captcha.
  • Finally, will only have to complete the process by clicking on the OK button.

As almost always in such situations, the resource that gives people the opportunity to think over their decision before their profile and all that is on it, will disappear forever. For users of Facebook time for reflection is exactly two weeks. If the account is not restored, it will be gone forever.

Various information about the missing page is completely gone from the various search engines in about three months. After this the account will be considered fully remote. Of course, should think twice before taking such crucial decisions.


Video instruction

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