How to delete a page in the «Classmates»?

To remove your page from the social network Classmates in two ways. The first method is simple, but it does not guarantee. The second algorithm is more complicated, but it allows you to say goodbye to my «Classmates» I guess.


Deleting a page via a link

You can liquidate your page by making just a few clicks away. But there are pitfalls. Profile go completely, and will exist another three months. This is a classic method of removing data.

To begin deleting your account, go to the Classmates website with a username and password.


Then go to the profile tab. Now you need to know the unique number of the user. Click on your name at the top of the page. In the address bar will appear ID. For example, /profile/123456789123456. Now insert after this number the following entry URL: ?amp;st.layer.cmd=PopLayerDeleteUserProfile. Then press Enter and in the window that appears to confirm the complete removal of the profile. The account in the social network Classmates will be eliminated. Remember that together with your page, erased all the photos and videos, as well as correspondence with other users.

After all steps of the above algorithm was performed, make a control check. To do this, open the main page of the site Classmates, and try to authorize. If the system gave the answer that the page has been removed at the request of the user, it means you did everything right.

There are instances when this method deleting the account fails. It is not necessary to lower hands. Use the second way of elimination of your page.

Removed from Classmates through regulation

This method is simple, but guarantees a perfect result.

The authors of Classmates decided to cheat a little. They knew that sooner or later users will want to leave the social network. So they tried to parting with the site Classmates was long. Menu no icon «Delete page». All a bit complicated.

Item «Delete» the developers hid in the regulations. To get to this button, log in. Then scroll down the page and look for the line «Schedule» in the menu.


Click on the link «Rules». You will be redirected to the section where you placed the license agreement.


Scroll the web page down and find the words «Contact support». Next to this link there is a button to «Refuse service».

To refuse services

Click on this sentence. In response to this action will open a window with the question about the reason for leaving the social network Odnoklassniki. Choose one of the five reasons. With this simple question the authors of the website to improve your online.


You can answer that you do not like the design of the website or that the account has been compromised. You may want to say goodbye to the Classmates website and register in another online project for communication. The choice as always is yours.

Despite the fact that you have already reached the finish line, the developers will compete for your account. They will report the removal of the page would entail erasing all the photos, videos and audio tracks, and will bring to naught all the achievements in games. The system will ask you one last time to enter the password, and then click «Uninstall».


If you have linked your phone number to the account in the Classmates, and then deleted the page, remember that the connection between the phone and the website will disappear only after 3 months. Prior to this date you will not be able to register a new profile on the same phone number.

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