How to delete a page in contact forever?

Social network Vkontakte became a real sensation in the territory of the Russian-speaking Internet. At first it was just used for communication between people (not necessarily located at a great distance), but then bought a lot of other values. Why, then people wondering how to delete a page in contact forever?

how to delete a page in contact forever

As a rule, they explain their actions to those that decided to live without social networking. However, all is not so simple. Firstly, such resources, in essence, there is nothing wrong, but «it’s all in the dose». If the social network becomes a real relationship, the man may decide to abandon it. The problem is that this does not need to remove the page.

If someone really refuses to social networks, it simply ceases to use them. Remove the same nothing will not help — page is easy to return, and even if she disappeared forever, without much effort you can create a new one. So why do people want to remove the page VC? For this you need to know what constitutes this resource.

What is Vkontakte?

Despite the fact that today this social network belongs Mail.Ru Group and its CEO – cheese Director of Russian television, was originally the site was created by Pavel Durov, about 2006.

At first all was not too rosy. The network had to be unwound, and even competitions among promoters. The most active were given gifts from Apple. However, after about a year the audience grew to three million. From that time began a long road of social network does not stop until now.

Vkontakte has become a place where people posted their photos to see their numerous friends. They posted the video, actively discussing them with everyone. Users did write on the walls, telling about his life and thoughts.

The resource has given a great scope for creativity. People started to create groups where they post their own pictures, or poems, a variety of videos, like blogs and posts, streams. Many began to earn through social networking, others use it as a means of advertising and promotion. Anyway, the features of the website is really wide.


Why some want to remove the page?

What is an average page on a social network? First and foremost, the name and surname of the owner (often fictional), and avatar (very often – a simple picture from the Internet). Secondly, it is a variety of personal information that can be displayed in columns of type «date of birth», «hometown», «Outlook» and «about me».

Finally, on the page there’s a wall, is first used for communication, but today more and more for advertising and promoting anything. In addition, there are sections with videos and music that are filled on the personal taste of the owner.

So, what might be the reason to delete a page Vkontakte? As mentioned above, many will say that this desire to get rid of dependence, but, as a rule, it is only an excuse.

In fact, in 95% of cases the deletion have only one single goal – to attract attention. And, as a rule, the attention of one specific person. So, the page removes mostly young people, while others just give up social networking.

However, there is another case in which the question of how to delete a page in contact forever, quite logical and normal. This is a situation in which a person creates a new account. Usually, this is due to the previous break-in, or if you want to start with a clean slate, while not offending old friends you delete them from the list.

page Vkontakte

How to permanently delete your Facebook page?

Before design changes that occurred in mid-2016, delete page VK was without instructions, on an intuitive level. Just go to settings, and there already it becomes clear what to press. Today the problems emerge at an earlier stage.

The redesign has hidden settings so that finding them now is difficult. The necessary icon is at the top, on the right it shows the name of the owner of the page and a mini version of the avatar. After clicking on it opens a list where you should select «Settings».

How does the removal of the page:

  • After clicking on «Settings» a new window will open.
  • By default, it shows the column «Total» — and it is necessary.
  • At the bottom of this column is the inscription «You can delete your page».
  • Clicking on it will lead to a pop-up window. In this website you will be asked to specify the reason why the owner decided to remove.
  • Then, you will only click on the «Delete page».

old design

Upon completion of these steps, the account will change the face of dog on gray background. Beside it will indicate that to restore the page to the end of six months. As a rule, nobody expects the end of the string, and returns the account to normal after about a couple of days and sometimes a couple of hours or minutes. At least this applies to those cases when a person decides to abandon social networking», attracting attention.

The removal of the older, more unnecessary page

We should also consider the question of how to delete a page in contact forever, if it is duplicative and therefore not needed anymore. Of course, you can use the previous instructions and wait six months, but, as a rule, the owner eventually loses all access to his old account.

  • Previously, page was tied to email and not phone number. Forgot password and answer the security question from your email is very simple.
  • The inability to get to your e-mail makes it impossible to recover the password from your social network. As a result, the page remains unreachable.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem. As a rule, it fully works, if the old page are the reliable name. If not, then the situation may be different in each case.

remote page

To remove the old page forever, use the following:

  • Using your new account, need to apply support.
  • This is done through the «Help», which is located in the same place and settings.
  • Opening a question list, you can scroll through it to the bottom, click on the lack of the necessary questions and request support.
  • It is necessary to describe the situation with the removal of the page.

As a rule, for successful completion need to send a photo, which at the same time the visible face of the owner, his account and spread of the passport. There are other scenarios, as it always happens individually.

In case of successful identification at the request of the owner of his old page will be permanently deleted within a few days. Thus, you can fully focus on the new account.


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