How to decorate Christmas table simple and beautiful?

New year is one of the most favorite holidays of both children and adults. We all love to make wishes, but even more so love that they came true. Every family has its Christmas traditions and customs, but it is absolutely impossible to find a family in which 31 December is not covered a festive table. In this article we will tell you how to decorate a Christmas table and give your family an unforgettable holiday.

How to decorate Christmas table

Why need to decorate the 31st of December?

Perhaps, all will agree that in any occasion the main thing is the atmosphere and mood. Christmas mood is created by people, such as decorating the tree or hanging around the house with garlands. Probably hard to imagine New year without a salad and broiled chicken, because these dishes have become traditional for our people. But how to do without new year’s diversity and what can be done to give this holiday novelty and solemnity? The answer is: you need to decorate the Christmas table so that he was liked by all. It does not matter where you will celebrate the holiday: at home, in a cafe or at a party, it is important to make it simple and beautiful.

So, to create a bright Christmas table you have to be creative, we will help in this.

Create a unique Christmas atmosphere

  • Let the table will be only natural fabrics. Napkins and tablecloths made of linen – perfect for any meal. Adding flax or other natural material for the festive table, you will focus on naturalness and naturalness.

natural fabrics on the tables

  • Add a special Desk accessory. We are talking about those things that you rarely see on the dining table, but which are often decorate the holiday table. These can be items such as silverware, napkin dispensers, stands for dishes, tape, etc.
  • Hang on the wall near the table winter photo, which depicted family members. This will give the occasion some sentimentality and nostalgia.

family photo on the wall

  • Cover the table with bright new tablecloth. 31 Dec we need to forget about the gray days and add to your life bright colors. Start with the tablecloth! Cover table bright orange, red or yellow tablecloth.

a bright tablecloth on the Christmas table

  • Serve table with beautiful tableware.

Create a unique Christmas atmosphere

Beautiful to decorate the Christmas table and everyone can, the main thing is to approach it with a festive mood.

And now we will share with you other interesting ideas that will help make this holiday magical.

Demonstrated creative new year

You can be smart and to decorate the Christmas table with their hands, and can simply add on the holiday table, some decorative elements and, thereby, to give a feast of solemnity.

You can do the following:

  • Christmas tree napkins. It’s easy and fun. Make Christmas tree napkins can even children, you can entrust them with this interesting activity while preparing meals. You need to take a large napkin, preferably colored. The ideal, of course, will be green napkins. The point is to stack the fabric diamonds.
  • Decorate your festive table lovely Christmas tree and garlands. This does not mean that these elements need to get the whole table, just put on two edges of the table on a small tree and put it on one of the edges of the garland, which flashes. In bright light, garland will delight you with their lights.

festive table lovely Christmas tree and garlands

  • Serve Christmas table by «snowman». This wonderful festive table setting will not leave anyone indifferent. To do this: put a large white plate, above it is placed another plate, smaller (snowman created). Now you need to decorate a snowman. To do this, in his «heads» vertically place a table knife and put a colored napkin folded, it will be his hat. Then take a cloth napkin that lay on his knees, and build the snowman with her scarf. As buttons you can use olives, they are the eyes of a snowman. Well, complete our image of fork and spoon, which will be by the hands of the snowman.
  • Decorate the holiday table and pine branches. The reasons to do this are two: first, it is very beautiful and elegant, and second, the room would just be incredible smell of a Christmas tree. You can use any coniferous tree to decorate your table. This can be spruce, tree, fir or juniper. Put tree branches in the center of the table. By the way, it will be great if in the center you put the candles. There is another way to decorate the table with pine wood, small twigs you can put next to each plate, so the beautiful smell will not leave sitting on the table in person for the whole evening.

festive table pine branches

  • Make Apple candles! This wonderful idea will enchant all the people who will gather in new year’s eve at your table. It’s interesting, it’s unusual, and most importantly – it’s Christmas. So, to do this, you must use the spoon to remove the Apple stalk and pulp. Put in the hole of the candle, and then light it. You can decorate the table several Apple candles placed at different corners of the table, and you can put lots of apples in a beautiful bowl and place in the center of the table.
  • Decorate the table with snowflakes made of paper. If you have small children this important mission you can trust them, because in kindergartens and schools children are taught this «craft». Let your Desk will show off different snowflakes, preferably of white paper, so they will be more like the real thing. Just put them on top of tablecloths.

Christmas table to snowflakes

  • Make personalized glasses for everyone with whom you celebrate the New year. Do not rush to do the engraving on each of their glasses, much easier. For this you will need a colored marker and ordinary cardboard. Cut a cardboard circle the same diameter, after it is cut from the edge to the center, the glass was in the middle of the circle. Each of these cardboard circles and write the name of the person who will drink from these bowls. Seat guests so that everyone sat near his glass. Believe me, the gesture will definitely be appreciated by all without exception! People will be very pleased that you show them such attention. Such a gesture, simply can not attract.

personalized glasses for all

  • A list of Christmas wishes. Without it can not do none of the New year. But we’re talking about the holiday table, so another way to give it unforgotten and a kind of magic – write your desires on paper, and glue. People say that our thoughts are material. Give a chance your dream to come true, new year’s eve everything is possible! Let what you want most «procrastinate» your eyes throughout the evening. Think about your dream, even in this night it will become your calling card.
  • The list of Christmas tasks. Arrange for its guests a truly exciting game. On each napkin or paper write some funny task, for example, to tell the Santa Claus poem, and put this written down. No one knows in what order people will sit and each will do the job.

Here are the Christmas ideas will make your holiday table a real pearl of the New year.

Video instruction

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