How to decorate a cake

The symbol of every celebration is the cake. Buy it today at the store will not be difficult. However, much more tasty pastries made at home. Many Housewives are hesitant to go for it cooking just because of the fact that I don’t know how to decorate a cake because it is served to the festive table, and therefore needs to look presentable.

How to decorate a cake: the basic rules

Learning how to bake, any cook will want to decorate them. This can be used not only cream but also jellies, fruit or berries, mastic, etc.. To make it look nice, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. At least 70% of the products that are used for cake decoration, should be used when baking.
  2. If you plan to give the cake to the child, in its composition and in the composition of jewelry should not be alcohol.
  3. If the child is ordered a certain decorations of cake, but you can’t give him a form to draw or sculpt from putty, you can make something available to you but on the same topic.

These rules are conditional, but adhering to them, you can always cook the best cake. The basic rule of decorating a cake must be completely covered with cream or paste.

Decoration using whipped cream

How to decorate a cake at home whipped cream? This method is the easiest. Besides suitable for almost each test and capable of applying to the surface of the cake with any designs and drawings. This requires a special nozzle. But if you don’t have a pastry bag, the surface of the cake smeared with a thick layer of cream on top of which is applied to any patterns using Cutlery.

To produce this cream is heavy cream whipped until frothy. Here then interfere the powdered sugar until it dissolves completely. Using a pastry bag, the mixture is applied on the finished product.

Decoration butter cream

For decoration butter cream, need all the same tools and methods as in the case with whipped cream. But unlike them, the cream butter is more stable.

To prepare it, 05 kg of high-quality oil mixed with 1 Cup of fine icing sugar. Additionally, the cream is added 200 g qualitative condensed milk, 65 g of finished semolina, a pinch of vanilla and 1 tablespoon of brandy.

Cooking procedure:

  • On a small speed mixer soft butter is whipped no less than 5 minutes.
  • Gradually, a thin stream or in small portions in oil injected powdered sugar, a little increasing momentum.
  • After 5 minutes, the cream is administered the rest of the ingredients (condensed milk, brandy and vanilla).
  • Using high speed, whisk all the ingredients for 10 minutes.

The cream can be stored up to 3 days. Butter cream is suitable for drawing patterns on the cake, the production of flowers and text. For this purpose, a variety of tips on a pastry bag. Paint the cream you can use cocoa powder, natural dyes (juice of vegetables and fruits, cuttlefish ink, etc.) or dry pigments for food products.

Decorating chocolate

A soft coating of butter cream goes well with chocolate figures. To prepare, needs chocolate, a pastry bag with a special nozzle or small hole and food foil.

  1. On the foil pre-applied pattern (swirls, elements of the house or car, flowers, etc.).
  2. You should melt the Chocolate in a water bath and place in the bag.
  3. Gently apply it on foil on a pre-prepared blanks.
  4. Let the chocolate harden and to move the figurines on the cake.

Sweet decoration with fondant

At first glance, to decorate a cake with fondant is quite difficult, because this product looks like a work of art. But in fact, it’s even easier than using a cream or oil cream. To prepare the mastic in several ways.

If you want to wrap a product with fondant and decorate it with figurines of this material that will help you these recommendations:

  1. Paste can be stored in the refrigerator, tightly Packed, in a few months.
  2. Powdered sugar for the manufacture of the mastic must be very finely ground. Additionally, before using it one must sift through a fine sieve. This is because once on the fondant when rolling out, the small crystal is able to break through the canvas.
  3. If you need to connect to a single composition, the individual parts, for example, flower petals, then the connection should be wetted with water.
  4. Finished canvas of mastic is applied to the finished cake already solidified cream. If you do not wait for its solidification, the moisture from the cream or impregnation dissolve the entire compound.
  5. The basis of the postmark is powdered sugar. In recipes, as a rule, indicate its approximate amount. To specify the exact not possible as it is influenced by many factors, including the humidity in the room. Dust need to intervene as long as the sealant will not become easily separated from the hand.
  6. For ease of sheeting mastic, you can use a food polyethylene, which is pre-petrushevycha starch or powdered sugar.

The decoration of breast with fondant

This method is the most simple and cheap. But due to the fact that it has a slightly yellowish tint, the sealant is not suitable if you need ornaments bright shades of white, blue.

This mastic is prepared from powdered sugar, powdered and condensed milk. To do this, all the ingredients are taken in equal proportions (250 g). Stir until then, while the sealant will be easy to lag behind the hands.

Decoration with fondant from marshmallows

The most popular form of decorating cakes for children today is the rolled fondant. For its preparation will need a special chewing the marshmallows, which should be melted in the microwave by adding 1 tbsp of lemon juice. In order for the marshmallows have melted enough 20 seconds. A liquid mixture can be colored using any dye.

Now the mixture should gently put the powdered sugar until then, until it acquires the consistency of a soft plastic dough. Ready-made fondant is easy to roll into the canvas, or sculpt of all the figures.

This is the most simple and affordable at home options for cake decorating. It is enough to show imagination and you have a beautiful cake.

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