How to cure cold fast at home?

Every man at least once in your life suffered from cold. This disease rarely poses a danger to life, but, nevertheless, it gives a person a lot of discomfort and discomfort. Discomfort is associated, primarily, with a runny nose, so in this article we will tell you how to quickly cure a cold. At home to get rid of him really, the main thing is to implement all the recommendations for the treatment of colds.

how to cure common cold

Below we consider several ways of treatment. To treat a runny nose is quite simple, if you use a holistic approach.

The main treatment methods

First we need to identify the disease. Colds symptoms appear almost immediately after the body got a virus.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Aching of the body.
  • Runny nose.
  • Dizziness.
  • Possible sore throat.
  • Weakness, fatigue.
  • The increase in body temperature, etc.

As quickly as possible to cope with a runny nose and other cold symptoms to take action, the treatment in the first hours of the disease. So, to get rid of a cold will help the following:

  • Do not rush to vyskakovaci nose. Doctors say that it can lead to a number of adverse effects on the nasal mucosa, especially if you do it in the first hours of the disease, when the nose is not strongly laid. If you immediately start intensively trying to get rid of the mucus of the nose, it can lead to hypertension and even infection. So, if you have a stuffy nose, clear it only if you really can’t breathe or the congestion you are beginning to feel dizzy. The question arises: how to blow your nose during a cold?

Treat runny nose

First, vyskakovaci each nostril separately, that is, first, hold a finger on one side of the nose, blowing your nose, then do likewise with the other side.

Second, remember that you should not «collect» in your nose mucus. So, wherever you are, always carry a handkerchief, in the event of severe nasal congestion to solve this problem.

Thirdly, it should not be too hard to blow your nose. If mucus from the nose comes out in the usual way, one should resort to other ways of cleansing the nose from her.

Another tip regarding the nose blowing the nose: after this, you should always wash your hands to prevent the spread of infection.

  • Drink a lot of tea. Perhaps, everyone knows that colds need to drink plenty of fluids. In fact, to treat it not any liquid will do. Tea – the best and the simplest remedy for cold and runny nose. This hot drink warms the body from inside and removes from it all the harmful microorganisms. It is best to add in tea with honey and lemon. Well, if you except the common cold, you have a sore throat, lemon in the Sahara is perfect to relieve you from the pain. Just roll a slice of lemon in sugar and suck it like a Lollipop. In addition to analgesic properties, lemon also has the property to remove from the nose of mucus. You can easily verify this, dissolving it with a strong nasal congestion.

Tip: to quickly penetrate the nose during the tea party, apply to the nose in hand, heated with hot Cup. If you were to drink at least 3 cups of tea a day, your condition with the disease will improve greatly.

  • Use of funds for the relief of nasal congestion. To date, the pharmacies offer to patients with cold, the huge number of such funds. Cure congestion should be used wisely: in any case do not abuse them, use these medicines only when you can’t punch the nose of their own. If you apply the medication too often, the nasal mucosa can dry out, become infected, it can form bacteria which will not only slow down the process of treatment and will only worsen the situation.

nasal spray

These drugs are also useful because they prevent the emergence of a new nose mucus and reduce inflammation.

  • Use inhaler or Neti pot. Both help to relieve nasal congestion, but the existence of the second, few people know. The Neti pot is a small kettle with a tube for the nose. The scheme of its application the following: one nostril is filled with a special medicinal liquid (or salt solution, prepared at home), and from the other nostril it follows. Thus, the process of rinsing the nose. This means enough available, also if desired, it is possible to build a house.

To effectively clean the nose using a Neti-pot, do the following: first, after being hit in the nose with salt liquid, bend your head slightly backwards so that it fell deeper into the sinus of the nose. Second, tilt your head the other way, it will help the liquid to get the maximum in all possible directions sinuses. Thirdly, do not rush to finish the procedure. To the liquid cleared her nose, she needs to stay in sinus for a few seconds.

  • Use the tools for expectoration. In pharmacies you can purchase these medicines in the form of sprays for the nose or throat, powders, lozenges, etc. they should be Used in order to nasal sinus not formed sputum, and nose were laid.

Remember that if you discovery yourself side effects after use of these medicines, you must consult a doctor.

Additional treatment measures

  • Use essential oils as a cure for colds and runny nose. To the treatment was not only effective, but also enjoyable, you can use these essential oils: eucalyptus oil, tea tree, mint, clove, etc.

There are several ways of applying them in the cold.

The first way: fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of the chosen oil. Bent over the dishes and inhale the vapor treatment. The nose will cease to be incorporated, your health will improve, and the healing process will accelerate.

essential oil for nose

The second way is to mix the essential oil and vaseline. With this mixture RUB the feet and chest.

Third method: add oil in a hot bath or just apply the oil on the clothes (of course, in a small amount).

  • Prepare the saline solution for rinsing. Salt is a powerful antiseptic, so use it to prepare the solution. Saline solution rinse the throat at least 4 times a day. It helps to deal with the pain of the throat and other cold symptoms, so you can get rid of a cold.
  • Avoid hypothermia. Always stay in your warm clothes, and if you feel cool, cover with a warm blanket.

Finally, we will talk about how to cure a runny nose in a child quickly. The rules of treatment children’s runny nose is almost similar to the rules of treatment for adult runny nose. Here are the main ones:

  • Rinse the nose with an aqueous solution.
  • Use of drugs against phlegm.
  • Do inhalations using decoctions of roots and herbs.
  • Make infusions to drink from herbs.
  • Use the medication for the lubrication of the nose and chest.
  • Ensure that the child was warmly dressed.

To cure runny nose you can use as the folk and professional medicine is most importantly, time to start treatment.

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