How to create group in contact?

Social network Vkontakte has provided its users a lot of opportunities. In addition to simple communication, exchange of photos and videos, people can unite goals and interests. Often those who want to bring together like-minded people, interested in how to create group in contact.

how to create group in contact

First, these pages were bred for different reasons. Someone wanted to gather together people who like a certain type of movie or literature, others paid attention to were born on a certain date, while others sought to find someone who would share some of their opinions.

Today, the vast majority of groups in Vkontakte is created for doing business. These pages is often a kind of Supplement to the official website of an existing company. In addition, the popularity is reserved for groups that publish funny pictures, some thematic organizations and places where they write the news.

What you need to know, creating a Facebook group?

To create a group of contacts can each any number of times, but that is why the social network is replete with empty, long-abandoned pages without a single participant. To stop this from happening, you need to pay attention to several aspects.

First and foremost, you need to decide why do you need to create this group. The causes can be divided into several types:

  • The page can be a way to alert about something. For example, the owners of channels on Youtube or Twitch, create groups to tell followers about upcoming events.
  • This can be a place in which a person demonstrates the results of their labor. For example, the social network is replete with public artists, cosplayers, musicians, and anyone who knows how to do something with his hands.
  • A group can be devoted to some project, like a series of movies, video games or artistic works. No less popular and the pages of famous personalities.
  • Finally, common business groups that sell a product along with online stores, or provide similar information.

From why it created such a page, would very much depend. In the first place, will have different attitudes to issues of registration, and also, of course, will differ in content. He also is the most important component of any group. It is unlikely that its creation has at least some sense, if you really understand than to fill the page.

group Vkontakte

How to create group in contact?

Some finishing components arise at the early stages of creating his own group Vkontakte. However, it is necessary to consider all in order. For starters, you need to log in to your account on the social network and click on «Groups» on the left side of the screen.

  • The page displays a list of all communities subscribed to by people.
  • At the top will be a big blue button that says «Create community».
  • After clicking on it a small window will appear, where you can choose a type of community, and also give it a name.

To some extent, this stage is quite complex. However, name and some type can later be changed. So, in the proposed list includes a Group, a Public page and the Event. The latter has little in common with the communities, so the choice is basically between the first two options.

create group in contact

The difference of the group from public pages

If you try to know what is the difference between group Vkontakte public page in the first place will go to stumble upon definition. They say that the public is meant for a specific brand/personality, while in the group chat.

In fact, of course, you can communicate anywhere, as anything is possible to dedicate a specific brand. The real differences are in the functionality, and that it should be considered. After design changes in 2016 to see any differences, it’s very difficult, but they are still there.

Features public pages:

  • Missing the option «Invite friends»;
  • It is possible to create the event;
  • There is no section for storing documents;
  • It is displayed in the «Interesting pages»;
  • Public available to all.

Features of groups:

  • Can be open or closed;
  • There is no possibility to create events;
  • You can invite friends with a special function;
  • Appears in the list of groups.

Before these pages differed in arrangement of sections and topics are offered as news, however design changes have removed these differences. For this reason, there is no objective difference, to create a group or public. The decision should be based on personal preferences.

The name and design

Once the page owner has determined its type, it should choose an appropriate name. In some cases it is quite simple. For example, if a group dedicated to the actor or on a particular setting, then simply use the appropriate name or title. Of course, as a rule, these pages is already a lot, so you can add some other words or characters.

No special difficulties with names for business groups. Usually they contain the name of the brand and specific products. Of particular difficulty are personal, thematic pages, for which we have to come up with a really original title. Subsequently, they become a kind of business card designer/writer/streamer/cosplayer etc.

After you have entered all required to remain click on the button «Create community» and you will see the corresponding page. First, it is completely empty – no avatars, no description, no contact. You will have to spend a lot of time to fill in all the important sections. For business projects will be particularly important sections with links, products, and contacts, while the thematic pages should pay attention to the external design.


Menu, avatar and banner

Recent innovations have diversified design opportunities in groups. Earlier it was observed a strong tendency of creating a single menu and avatar – as if they were a continuation of each other. For this you need a lot of time and effort and knowledge of html code.

Today’s menu is already being used somewhat less, although still present. With the advent of the banners, the focus of attention was addressed to them. Some are just placed on top of the page is pretty long image, others find good use of this space. For example, it is possible to note the schedule of the release of something, although this requires constant updating.

Of key importance remains as before in the text. If a long time it was necessary to create elongated rectangular picture, today the online needs of small square – or rather, round images.

In General, design group Vkontakte professionals don’t take less time than appearance of a conventional website. You should consider everything – the name, avatar, menu, banner, how it will be combined. It is very important to adhere to the overall style, based on what was created group in the social network.

Features of business pages

Very often people wonder how to create a group contact when they want to use it to promote their own business. In the initial stages will be required to give clearance to get it fully conveyed the essence of the resulting community.

In addition, Facebook gives you the opportunity to create the item card. In the case of a sale, of course, will work not so, as in the usual online stores. The card will give the opportunity to write to the person that distributes, but they are equally useful.

  • These «goods» help to understand that the group is selling something.
  • With their help, you can find out what is for sale.
  • In cards indicate the name, price of the object, and also describes that can be very useful for visitors.

In the business pages is important to work out the contacts section, as well as to ensure that the account of the person to whom have to contact potential buyers, not scare them.

Over time, the question arises about the promotion and promotion their group Vkontakte, create an adequate number of good quality content, support activity and order, but for start it is enough just to know how to create group in contact.

comrades Vkontakte

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