How to create a website for yourself?

The desire to have a website there were many. Someone needs it to create a personal blog and provide information to anyone for advertising services, the sale of goods or other purposes. It is the goal determines the required level of knowledge to create website. How to create a website for yourself?

how to make a website yourself

How to create a website from scratch

It always starts with an idea and creating a website is no exception. If you have interesting and unusual ideas, it’s likely your project will be useful not only to you but to your visitors.

Determine the theme

The idea and theme of the site – things are interrelated. It was necessary to address those areas in which I have experience and know best.

Defining the theme of the site should proceed to the choice of name. It should be original, concise, and fully reflect the focus of your resource. Sometimes the name will repeat domain (web address), but it is not always the case.

the theme of the site

Choose domain and hosting

Domain name the address of a site in the network. It consists of the name and domain of the zone in which located. Its size should not be longer than 15 characters, otherwise the search engines can ignore it and do not index in their major. In addition it is necessary to decide which zone will be the resource. For sites with Russian-speaking audience, it would be logical to select the area .EN.

There are also areas that are not tied to a specific country or language:

  • .com website commercial orientation;
  • .net – resource that is filled with material related to the Internet;
  • .info information portal;
  • .biz resource for business.

Choosing a domain, check it for compliance with some rules:

  1. The name must be original and easy to remember.
  2. The name should be such that the visitor should not have any difficulties recruiting in Latin. As a rule, the obstruction is causing the hissing sounds or the letters «th».
  3. In domain names, no hyphens.

Selecting the domain, you go to the search hosting. Hosting is the service location of the web resource in the network. It is needed to ensure smooth access for visitors to the site. So you do not have any further problems with the index, it is better to choose a reliable and proven service providers.

domain website

When choosing a provider, please note:

  1. The cost of services provided by the company.
  2. Reputation. This information is easy to find on the Internet in the form of feedback from customers.
  3. The quality of customer service.
  4. The diversity of the services we provide.

You have the option to order domain and hosting in different companies.

Develop the technical component

If you don’t know how to create a website yourself for free, you come to the aid of services to help install the engine, which will become a architect site. Can be installed as paid and free. For the study of the structure and design of the website in the engines created by different templates.

Fill and untwist the site

To the website better indexed on the Internet, it is recommended to be filled with articles at least 1 time a week. Write all the content yourself, or order it from freelancers. Finding them is not difficult on special exchanges. Most importantly, all the material you will add to the site was unique, structured, useful and it had no errors.

the content

To promote your website independently, and you can order this service from professionals.

The subtleties of a website

There are things that you need to pay attention so you do not have to redo large amounts of work. Such criteria may include:

  1. The target audience of the website.
  2. Geotargeting.
  3. The platform resource.
  4. The task of the resource.

Target audience

If your website will not be able to attract potential visitors, respectively, and attendance at it will be zero. Sometimes it is enough just to determine the age and gender of the target audience. For example, a website about children will be of interest to women aged 20 to 35 years old, a portal about cars are looking for men aged 25 to 50 years.

target audience

By defining your audience, you need to create content that would be interesting for this category of people.


If you decide to sell a product or service, you is important will be the location of your potential visitors. For example, you in Saratov are not also residents of Tyumen. Therefore, these sites need to be optimized for queries that will introduce the inhabitants of your region.

In addition to the place of residence of the target audience, geotargeting is the language in which is written all your site. There are resources that are represented in multiple languages and can be helpful to users from all over the world.

The goal of the website

Choosing how you profit from your website, you can go to his mind. If you want to sell the item, then choose between the promotional site and online store. Want to share your recipes – create a personal blog or an informational website.

the website

The objectives of the website include the formation of a positive image of a person, company or resource.

Platform website

The concept of the platform includes hosting and use the designer or CMS.

Create a website

Understanding how to create a website from scratch, you need to consider three more steps, without which you will not be able to make their own Internet resource:

  1. Filling the site with content.
  2. The development of the design.
  3. The layout of the site.

Content creation

All information contained on the website, divided into text, graphics (photos) and videos. Not all of the add video your website, but in some cases it can be very helpful. In SEO there are even special welcome when YouTube is taken from the thematic material and added to the article.

The main part of the content of the site given to writing, the quality of which largely depends the future of the resource. If you are not confident in their abilities, this job can be outsourced to a copywriter. You cannot copy information from other resources, as in this case from search results can delete all pages of your website.

site information

All material must be unique and not contain errors. So the same article should correspond to the given topic and have the keywords. For each material you must choose a quality photo.


The design is what first of all pay attention to his visitors. So it needs to look attractive.

Pre-determine where will be located the menu, which will be in the header, select the style and size of font, etc. then you can begin your layout in Photoshop.

The layout of the site

Its meaning is to make your website attractive always, regardless of platform or browser.

At this stage you receive the finished appearance of the site. To it is added the content of the custom function and put a link.

Only now the resource is ready to transfer the hosting of further launch.

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