How to create a e-mail?

Date of establishment of the e-mail I think 1965. It was created by Tom van Drew and Noel Morris, but since then it has undergone many changes. Its commercial use began only in 1996, and a year later appeared the first free service. Today, anyone can learn how to create emails for yourself or for your company.

Where can I get mail

Today, any service on which you can have e-mail, is free. They may be internal elements, which, if you wish, you can pay.

To create e-mails on sites such as:

  • Yandex,
  • Rambler,
  • Google.

The most innovative and modern is considered the last option. Head to Google, people automatically create accounts on popular services such as Youtube, but Yahoo and Yandex is still widely used.


How to create a e-mail? For this purpose, first and foremost, you need to come up with a unique user name or login. Due to the fact that the e-mail services exist already for a long time, choose a free name is becoming increasingly difficult.

As a rule, people are based on own name (for example IvanIvanov), and then add to it the numbers or special characters to ensure uniqueness. The result is something like Ivan_Ivanov1965.

Of course, for login do not have to use your real name. You can write any alias or even a set of characters, but the latter is more difficult to remember, and this can cause problems.

Once you are able to pick up the username is not already taken by someone else, the system will show the corresponding icon (a green check mark, signed «username available» etc.).


If you have created a login you need only a little imagination and good luck, the password situation is much more complicated. Although these hackers and he does not protect, it is able to protect users against casual hackers. For this reason, most e-mail services put forward a very strict rules for forming passwords.

Basically, the sites require that people came up with a password with letters of different registers, digits, special symbols, and some may not take the written if numbers or letters are repeated.

Fortunately, some systems give hints with examples of passwords which you can make your own.

Security question

security question

The smarter and harder the password is, the easier it is to forget. Record the combination on a piece of paper and attach to the monitor – not the best idea. So come in private mail can anyone. And while on the website, you can click «remember password», this will allow the system to remember him, but not man.

If the password has been forgotten, to restore it in two main ways. Older, but classic control issue. It is set when creating the email. You have to be careful – if you select a very tricky question, or put it on a wrong answer, he will be forgotten even faster than the password itself.

Binding to the phone

Today, almost every email service requires that you bind a new account to the phone.

On the one hand, it’s good. Bind will not allow the attackers to get to messages, and help to easily recover your password.

On the other hand, in order to start a new email, and new number, and it are far not everyone.

How to create an email

Thus, the General strategy for creating the actual e-mail is this:

  1. Choosing the appropriate service.
  2. Create a username and password.
  3. Binding to the account phone number.
  4. Fill the field «security question».
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