How to craft a fence?

Indie project called Minecraft has quickly gained its popularity due to the many options provided to the players. Anyone who is able to create a variety of structures, including copies of famous buildings. For a start, you should understand how to craft a fence.

how to craft a fence

Why would you need to devote time to such facilities? First, the fences can act as a conventional decorative item. Secondly, they are needed if the copied structure also has a fence. Finally, the fences in the game Minecraft are of practical use.

Why is it better to put a fence?

Of course, if the player prefers to create objects in the Creative mode, the fence for him to be just a means of decorative fencing area. If he uses the other modes, there are new advantages.

The fact that Minecraft, excluding Creative mode, this is not a peaceful game where you can spend hours to do anything. Game universe filled with monsters to contend with, players are forced to defend themselves. In particular, here comes the fence.

Almost no character in the game can jump over a building. Although it looks like a height of one unit, in fact their half. For this reason, to overcome this obstacle is possible only in a few cases:

  • Having the effect of Jumping;
  • The explosion or attack that throws a character.

Otherwise, the fence will give the opportunity to see everything that is happening behind him, but will not miss anyone in. Hostile mobs will also see a character. For this reason, they often congregate in front of the fence in large numbers. However, this is easy to use for the benefit of themselves.

parkan from minecraft

Features of fences

So, the fence is able to protect from the mobs, but not quite. Through such a design will not jump, but to climb, if climbing the wall is quite real. It is capable of spiders, which attack the hideout of the player irrespective of a fence around or not. You should take care to methods of protection against these creatures.

Finally, the fences there is still a few applications. First, they can easily snap their animals. Most often this applies to horses, but to pigs, the situation is no worse.

Second, kravchenya fencing elements will be an excellent replacement units for the stairs. Although look, this design will be very doubtful, with the functions it manages. Thirdly, until the fences are fixed signs, torches and other items that can give the structure of the different advantages.

In particular, signs can become a protection from the water. By themselves they do not miss, so if you put the fence a sufficient number of such elements, then it will become relatively waterproof.

stone fence

The types of fees

Like almost everything in the world of Minecraft, fences can be created from different materials. As a rule, this does not affect the quality or characteristics of the object, but vary the external data. Thus, everyone can decide what to build a fence based on personal preferences and available materials.

Of course, the easiest way in-game to find wood blocks. However, even such a simple material can be of different colors, and therefore it is possible to get the original fence. The most common is the oak. To find such a wood is easy, and the recipes with it are quite simple.

In addition, in the world of Minecraft is found pine, birch, tree, jungle and others. Other materials based on stone or iron. For example, to create a fence you can:

  • Hell stone
  • A mossy or ordinary stone,
  • Iron.

The latter option will be more like a grid than a full fence, but the decision is often based on what materials I could find.

iron fence

As to fence without crafting?

Even the easiest recipe of the fence will still require time to search for related resources and preparation of the recipe. Nothing surprising in the fact that many who do not want to wait and work. Fortunately, to get your own fence can be completely without crafting.

The finished fence in the game world – they just have to find. Typically, these blocks are in the wells, as the supporting pillars, and they meet under the lights. Occasionally you can find a full conventional fences on the backyard of a house.

How to craft a fence?

Nevertheless, the search for ready-made objects can take more time than crafting. In particular, the oak options are very simple, and the recipe for creating universal for any version of Minecraft.

How to crafted a fence out of oak:

  • You need to take six oak sticks.
  • They are in the middle and lower ranks.
  • As a result of the Kraft created two units of the fence.

recipe of the fence

There is another recipe that can be used if the version above 1.8. In this case, using sticks and boards. The first is placed in the center cell of the same series, and the second placed sides. It gives you three units of the object.

second recipe of the fence

If you want to create a fence from any other wood material, whether it’s acacia or birch, it is possible to use the same recipe. Every time you need the same number of boards and sticks, and the output will always be three units of the fence.

Differences will happen, if people are going to craft a fence of infernal bricks. In this case, you must take six units, which filled the lower ranks. Material not so little, but the result is six pieces of fence. The recipe used to create the fence out of the ordinary or mossy stone.

Having dealt with the timber and stones, you can move on to iron. Recipe using this material will give most objects as many as sixteen units. Look like they really like to play, but six ingots sufficient to complete the design.

You can so easily craft a fence in almost any material caught by hand.


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