How to cook vegetable stew

Real Housewives know that a varied diet is the key to health. The most useful are vegetables which can be cooked many dishes. Many people wonder how to cook vegetable stew.

What to cook stew?

To stew turned out delicious, you must use all the ingredients required for cooking this dish. These include:

  • 3 pieces of potato;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • half of the zucchini;
  • 2 carrots of medium size;
  • 1 tomato;
  • half a small cabbage or a quarter of cabbage large size;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste or tomato sauce;
  • salt and seasoning to taste;
  • vegetable oil.

how to cook vegetable stew

Method of preparation

You first need to thoroughly wash all vegetables, chop them in cubes. All the cubes must be of the same size, so they are equally prepared. At this time in the cauldron, pour oil and when it heats up, add onions and carrots that need to fry. You should then add tomato and zucchini. Many Housewives are advised to add to stews, tomato without the skin, then it will be more palatable.


When you notice that the onions, zucchini and carrots are roasted, place them out on low heat for about ten minutes. Only after that can add diced potato and pepper. At the same time, sprinkle spices to taste and salt. Fill with water, to stew the ingredients of the future was completely under water. Simmer until all the vegetables are ready. When you understand that everything is ready, add the cabbage and let her out fifteen minutes.


Try the stew at once is not desirable. Let it stand fifteen minutes, the taste was special, and then you can enjoy the dish.

Stew with vegetables and meat

If you love meat dishes, then this is not a reason to abandon the stew. You can add meat and get a great dish. How to cook it?


As for ingredients, they are the same as in vegetable stews. But you will have to add pork. Enough to take a pound of pork for cooking stews with meat. It must be cut into cubes, slightly bigger than the vegetables. Then fry the meat in a pan with vegetable meat. When you notice that the meat was covered with a ruddy crust, you can add onions and carrots, and then the other vegetables as described above.

Serve this dish as a standalone hot. Which option to choose — with meat or without, you decide. In any case, you get a wonderful dish that will satisfy even gourmets!

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