How to cook stuffed peppers in a slow cooker

Many can admit that the stuffed pepper is one of the most delicious and nutritious dishes. Stuffed peppers cooked very easily and quickly. This dish is popular in many Nations, so the filling for the peppers can be very different.

stuffed peppers

In addition to ground beef, you can use cabbage, mushroom, sausage, carrot, etc. Let’s see how to cook stuffed peppers in the slow cooker.

What products are needed?

For stuffing you can take pepper of any color, size and shape. In addition, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Beef 500 gr.
  • Onion 1-2 pieces.
  • Rice 1 Cup.
  • Carrots 1-2 pieces.
  • Tomatoes 2-3 pieces.
  • Oil.
  • Bay leaf, garlic, salt and other spices.

First fry the vegetables in the slow cooker. For this you can choose the mode «Roasting» or «Baking». Until the vegetables are roasted, begin to cook the meat. Forcemeat mix with rice, add fried vegetables and mix well. Note that half of the roasted vegetables leave, then they lay the stuffed peppers. Pepper thoroughly washed, remove the stalk and seeds.

Then fill it with minced meat and put in slow cooker. Here is a good thing to fry pepper, to taste mingled with the taste of meat. Leave in slow cooker for about 25 minutes. In the end you need to add fried onions or carrots. For such a beautiful and delicious dish you can also cook the sauce. With sauce stuffed peppers will get richer and more interesting taste.

cooking pepper

To prepare the sauce you will need:

  • Sour cream 150 g
  • Flour 1 tbsp.)
  • Water.
  • Salt, pepper.

Sour cream dissolve in water, add flour. Mix well, add salt and pepper. Pour the sauce on top of stuffed peppers, add a couple of Bay leaves, garlic to taste, and parsley. Put the dish in the slow cooker and fry along with the sauce for one hour. The dish is ready, you can bring to the table.

How to cook stuffed peppers frozen

Now let’s see how to cook stuffed peppers frozen. Frozen pepper in stuffed form, it turns out not less tasty.

For cooking frozen stuffed peppers you will need the same ingredients. Begin again to cook vegetables in a slow cooker, add salt, pepper, cook the mince. Take bell pepper washed, remove the stalk, seeds and fill it with stuffing.

Ready stuffed peppers stacked in a single layer in a bag and put in the freezer. In this form, stuffed peppers can be stored up to six months. Using the frozen pepper can be quick and easy to prepare dinner for guests. He will come to the rescue of Housewives in any time you need to cook something hearty and delicious.

recipe of pepper

Take the peppers out of the freezer. You can cook at once without thawing. Put it in a pot or saucepan and pour with hot water. Water you need to pour quite a bit, so she was just covering for stuffed peppers. Add a little salt, a Bay leaf and leave on heat for 20-25 minutes. If the contents of the pan starts to boil, you need a little bit to add fire pepper and simmer for about 20 minutes.

If the stuffed pepper is ready, remove the pan from the heat, but leave it to stand for another ten minutes. For frozen stuffed peppers again, you can cook a delicious sauce. The sauce can be not only sour cream, but with tomato. To prepare this sauce need tomato juice or tomato paste. Like a tomato you can also use finely grated fresh tomatoes.

stuffed peppers

Cook this delicious dish and enjoy its rich, flavorful taste at any time of the year!

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