How to cook squid correctly?

Before the meat of the squid was considered unusual and inaccessible, but today we all from time to time you can afford to treat so delicious and incredibly pleasant meat. If you love this meat, you should know how to cook squid properly, so they don’t lose their taste characteristics. There are a few cooking secrets, which we will discuss in the article.

how to cook squid

What squid have to choose?

Generally, squid are sold frozen, and in most cases together with tentacles. Of course, frozen meat loses a certain percentage of its beneficial properties, especially if it is in the process of freezing and thawing. Improperly stored meat, too, may deteriorate, lose its pleasant smell and taste.

how to choose squid

Choosing such meat should pay much attention to the appearance, the squid should be firm, have a pinkish-brown color and the inside to be exclusively white. If you take meat in the store, then not give preference to the cleaned carcasses, because they probably passed the repeated freezing process. If their skin is characterized by white-grey appearance, the meat is not fresh, and it is better not to risk your health and safety.

How to clean a squid?

To clean the squid very quickly, simply fill it with boiling water and hold it for just a few seconds. Almost the entire film, which consists of the top of the carcass, immediately will collapse, and behind it, appearing on the surface of the water.

how to clean squid

How to cook squid?

First and foremost you must understand that the squid meat is cooked quite quickly, in just two minutes will be enough to get the meat ready. If overtime on fire, it will turn out rubbery and completely devoid of all taste characteristics. It is considered that the meat is ready just in case, if you can find the maximum white color in boiling water.

preparation of squid

The second very important point is that squid must be cooked in small portions, it is best to take one or two carcasses, and in turn to lower them in the boiling water. Also, be sure to use a variety of spices, will not do the dish without:

  • White and black pepper.
  • Basilica.
  • Dill.
  • Cloves.
  • Parsley.
  • Vinegar.

Methods of cooking squid

  1. You need to boil water in a large pot, after adding the spices and salt. As soon as the water boils, immerse in water for a couple of carcasses squid, wait a few seconds and get them. When carcasses are to get through skimmer, the water would have time to boil for boiling the following carcasses.
  2. Add to the pot up to two liters of water, again with salt and pepper. Drop thawed carcasses in who boils the water, cover the lid and remove from heat. After 10 minutes the meat is ready. As the cooling water, the squid will purchase tender and delicious. It should be noted that this option of cooking squid will be convenient only for a small amount of meat – one or two carcasses.
  3. For a large number of meat would be most suitable third option of cooking. Pour enough water into the pot, which is enough in order to cover all the meat. Dilute water with spices and salt, put in water prepared squid. Wait until the water again comes to a boil, cover and remove from heat. Set aside pan for 5 minutes, this time will be sufficient to cook the meat. Drain off water and enjoy the delicate taste of the squid.

ways of cooking squid

Often this could be messy, with a bit of digested squid. But in such cases no need to despair and throw them away. There is one trick that allows you to bring the taste of the meat. So that they become soft, you need a long time to boil them again, it will take 40 minutes, no less. But, you have to be prepared for the fact that the volumes of meat will be a bit less, and it will lose its flavoring ability.

How to serve the meat with squid?

Modern Housewives are learning very quickly, so the process of cooking meat is not difficult and will not take much time. The question is another: how to present the meat and what to serve? Today, there are many dishes that are appropriate to complement squid. Stuffed carcass can be prepared with any filling, using the filling for pies, meatballs, and others.

squid salad

If you decide to make a salad, it is worth noting that the squid salad is prepared only for one dinner. Do not just cook it in large numbers, because such meat very quickly loses its taste characteristics. It is also worth noting that a large portion of the salad should consist of the squid and less of the other ingredients. Squid do not suffer when they kill the taste characteristics of vegetables and herbs.

Useful properties of squid

We all know that any meat has a great energy value, and the meat of squid is no exception. It contains a large amount of protein and polyunsaturated fats. In addition, meat is rich in various vitamins, particularly the b vitamins should be noted Potassium, necessary for optimal functioning of the heart. Like all seafood, squid is rich in phosphorus, iron and iodine, which is why it is recommended to eat for those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and strive to enrich your body with valuable nutrients.

The meat contains more taurine, it contributes to the improvement of the stomach, regulates blood pressure. In addition, the availability of selenium still protects our body from aging, and people who have a bad memory, he helps her to improve.

As we see, squid meat is not only delicious, but also useful. For its preparation do not need to spend a lot of time just to get acquainted with all the secrets and peculiarities of this process, the correct selection of meat and squid to decide on the dish. You definitely get a very beautiful, delicious and flavorful squid, from whom the whole family will love. Experiment, create new masterpieces with the meat of squid is very simple.

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