How to cook soup?

Soup has long been a kind way to tell how well a woman knows how to cook. It’s hard to find a man who would refuse such a delicious plate of hot soup. This is a fairly complex dish that is not all this the first time. However, still need to figure out how to make soup.

how to cook soup

Main ingredients

Like almost any soup, the ingredients for soup can be quite variable. For example, it can be done on pork meat, however, there are those who would prefer he beef. The dish can be completely vegetarian if it does not add the meat.

In some way, soup can be described as a soup, which just added beets. It really is considered the main ingredient of this dish. Besides beets, the standard, in the soup add the onions, carrots and potatoes, are often placed and cabbage. Some prefer to add in the soup, tomato paste, and sometimes it goes and citric acid.

ingredients for borscht

How to cook soup?

Let’s consider step by step the process of cooking this dish.

So, if the soup is meat, then, first of all, you need to deal with it. A piece of well-rinsed under cold water, then it is removed from the membrane, film and other items that are not needed in the soup. Do not have to use perfect pieces of meat. The taste of food and can give a simple cut skin. However, if you want to in the soup was real meat, should pay attention to its preparation.

When the meat piece is ready to become a part of the dish, pour in three-liter pot up to two liters of water and put it in there. Turn on medium heat, meanwhile you can start preparing the other ingredients.

the meat for the soup

To fry or not to fry?

Almost always recipes of soups (and not just soups) are accompanied by «Roasting». Very often, people offer a «fry the onions until Golden brown» or «a bit of fry the carrot». It is believed that this adds to the dish flavor, but it is not so. A big difference between roasted vegetables in soup and raw in the end will not be felt, but something else will become quite apparent. First, the oil used during frying will give the dish the lion’s share of calories. Second, frying destroys nutrients and adds many harmful.

How to cook borsch, if you do not want to fry the onions, carrots and beets, not to put them raw? Vegetables can be put out on the water. To the pan add tomato post, and a little lemon juice. The last ingredient will also help to give the soup a beautiful color.


The soup

In the process of cooking on the surface of the broth will appear foam, which should be removed. When the liquid is cooked, the meat can be removed from the pan and set aside. Into the broth put the pre-chopped cabbage, and ten minutes of cooking add potatoes.

  • After adding the potatoes back in the soup meat. During this time, it really is cut into smaller pieces if needed.
  • Then the soup add salt and other seasonings.
  • At the end put zazharku (or braised vegetables).
  • Top catches a few Bay leaves and chopped parsley.
  • Seven minutes later the dish is ready.

Great combination with red borscht will create fresh greens, which should be put directly into the bowl, and sour cream, which is quite original, a slice of lemon. The perfect flavor combination will make bread, grated garlic.


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