How to cook shrimp

Seafood, including shrimp, is one of the most common delicacies. Unusual, full-bodied shrimp flavor does not leave indifferent any connoisseur of delicious food. Many people wonder how to cook shrimp and how to make them more attractive?

What shrimps to choose?

Shrimp rarely made as a separate dish. They in most cases are used as snacks. In addition, the shrimp are perfect for salads. In order to prepare juicy, flavorful and healthy shrimp, you need to pick them up.

how to cook shrimp


There are more than 2000 types, but all of them can be divided into some groups. Different such types of shrimp:

  • cold water;
  • warm water;
  • the shrimps live in fresh water;
  • shrimp that live in salt water.

To prepare the tasty, flavorful dishes mainly pick up freshwater shrimp. They can be kept in the aquarium and in tanks. In these tanks in the aquarium must have plants, driftwood and other hiding places.

cook shrimp correctly

When purchasing this product, note the ponytail. Buy shrimp with a small amount of glaze, with a curved tail and no black spots. All of this speaks to the high quality of the product. In addition you need to pay attention to the color of the head. The head of the shrimp should not be black, as this indicates that she was sick or ate plankton. To choose the right shrimp brown.

If you buy frozen shrimp, you should not immediately defrost in hot water. In this case, the shrimp lose most of their beneficial properties, with delicious, rich aroma and taste. Thawed shrimp should at room temperature, polaskova under cold water.

Ways of cooking shrimp

Shrimp are the perfect products for the preparation of dietary meals, as they contain many useful vitamins. In order to preserve not only the delicious flavor and useful vitamins, you need to choose them right and you can learn how to properly cook shrimp.

You should first take a large pot and boil water. Shrimp should be dipped in salted who boils the water. If the shrimp start to float up, and buy orange color, you need to time and cook them for five to ten minutes. Note that a small shrimp usually cook three minutes, but the tiger and king prawns — 6 minutes. If properly prepared this delicacy, he will receive a tender, juicy taste. To add shrimp charm, exquisite taste, who boils in the water, add the following ingredients:

  • horoscopy pepper;
  • garlic;
  • the juice of a lemon;
  • cloves;
  • Bay leaf;
  • tomato paste.

Cooked prawns have ten more minutes to stay in the broth. Only then they can bring to the table.

Prepare sauce

This seafood can be cooked in various sauces. We present you one of the most delicious. First you need to take a clove of garlic and crush it. Then add the red pepper, olive oil, and fry it all. Further, the sauce should add lemon juice, dill, herbs and spices. Cooked, peeled shrimp to dip in the sauce and enjoy the savory, tender and amazing flavor.

Boil shrimp along with the sauce

This recipe unique is the fact that the shrimp are cooked directly in the sauce. Take the onion, finely chop, cook in olive oil, add tomato paste. Add water, and wait until the first bubbles. Then add in water, Bay leaf, lemon juice, horoscopy pepper and cloves. If you like different taste sensations, the taste you can add garlic or ginger. Drop shrimp in who boils the water carefully, as they are very fragile. Try not to break them. Expect from two to seven minutes. It is important not to overdo the dish on the fire, and the meat of shrimp, the taste will resemble rubber. Serve the prawns should be a Cup of water, you want to add a few drops of lemon juice.

shrimp W sauce

If you follow all these simple nuances of cooking shrimp, it is possible for a few minutes to surprise your guests with remarkable delicacy.

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