How to cook semolina with milk?

Semolina is a part of the childhood of almost everyone. For some it is a nightmare – strange, ugly lumps and mediocre taste. For others, it’s a dish, which was worth waking up in the morning. For this to be tasty and healthy, you must know how to cook semolina.

how to cook semolina

What good is semolina?

Today many experts in the field of nutrition criticized this cereal because it is not full of a variety of vitamins or perhaps fiber. If you need to obtain these substances, it is better to devote attention to other cereals. Semolina has its advantages.

  • It is rich in natural carbohydrates which give the body energy.
  • In this case the composition is a protein, by which satiety is maintained longer.
  • Porridge has enveloping properties. This is especially important for all those suffering from pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Semolina will help alleviate periods of exacerbations.
  • This cereal contains calcium which is important for health. It is especially known for its effects on teeth and bones.

the use of semolina

In addition, some doctors recommend to add to the diet porridge, if:

  • Is kidney failure;
  • There is a chronic fatigue;
  • Had surgery or a serious illness;
  • If the body is exhausted;
  • Came rehabilitation process;
  • Needed hypoallergenic food.

Like most cereals, semolina is very high in calories, so you should be careful with the amount.

The secrets and subtleties of cooking

In order to cook the perfect porridge, not enough to know the recipe. There are subtleties that are worth paying attention to.

  1. Semolina cooking can be on the water, and milk, depending on what the body needs. While these ingredients can be combined. For example, using one part milk and three parts water, you can get enough dietary dish that will hold the calcium and other milk components.
  2. Do not neglect the proportions, which are indicated in the recipes. Semolina – not the pasta, drain the excess water will not work. As a rule, used the ratio of liquid litre six tablespoons of cereal.
  3. The main difficulty in preparation is to get the dish without lumps. Usually they can be avoided, if you fall asleep semolina after boiling of liquid by doing it slowly and with constant stirring.
  4. To reduce chances of burning the pan first you need to rinse in ice water.
  5. To enhance the taste, you can use the various components that are added to the finished dish. For example, you can add in a bowl a spoonful of any jam.


How to cook porridge?

For the classic recipe requires the simplest ingredients. You need to take 200 ml of milk (about 1 Cup), a tablespoon of semolina, a pinch of salt and, if necessary, sugar.

How to cook porridge:

  • In a pan, which was rinsed with ice water, poured the milk.
  • It is necessary to bring to a boil.
  • After this we add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar if you need it.
  • Then poured semolina. It must be added slowly in a thin stream, while constantly stirring.
  • Cooking time will be five minutes. It’s long, but throughout this process we need to continue to interfere with porridge.
  • If you want, you can add to a dish of oil. This will make consistency easier, but will increase the caloric value is approximately two times. Monitors the figure, it is better to omit this step.
  • Then you will only need to submit the porridge on the table. It can be decorated with berries, fruit or jam.


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