How to cook sausages

Sausages are a unique food product. They can be served to the table as the main dish and go perfectly with any meal. To make this dish pleased the household, you must know how to cook sausages.

A little bit about sausages

There are many varieties of sausages. A sausage made of meat of animals or birds, as well as high-quality substitutes – soy milk powder, cream (diet). There are also a combination of sausages, which include several types of meat. You can find sausages with added various seasonings and spices, slices of ham and even cheese. Separately, it should be clarified that sausages differ in the composition of the shell.

Yak cooks sausages

The product can be produced in artificial casing (plastic, polyethylene) and natural (gelatin, the gut of the animal). It mainly affects the cooking process. Artificial shell must be removed before cooking, for safety purposes, while natural, can give spice flavor when cooked. Before buying sausages you need to check the shelf life of the product. Each sausage should be tightly Packed with no stains and damages.

Despite the fact that the sausages are considered a finished product, they still require additional heat treatment. Thanks to cooking, the sausages will take on a new taste, give water extra salt, and the dyes that will protect the human body from possible food poisoning.

Cook the sausages properly

Consider a few common ways:

  • On a gas stove

This is the traditional way of cooking sausages. For this you need to take the pot. Given that when cooking the sausage a little increase, the pan needs to choose a little larger size, so all the dogs lay on the bottom.

sausages on the stove

Next, fill the basin with cold water and put on fire. Meanwhile, clean the sausage from the shell if necessary and drop into the pan. The water should cover all the units. After boiling water, wait 2 to 5 minutes, and take out the finished product.

  • In the microwave (microwave) oven

Many people mistakenly cook sausages in the microwave without water, after which the product loses its taste, it becomes dry and too salty. To avoid unpleasant consequences, consider how the sausages boil in the microwave.

sausage in slow cooker


To start take a bowl meant for the microwave, if necessary, clean the sausage from the casing and put in a container. Pour a small amount of water so that the sausages were immersed in water. Cover the receptacle with a special cover or a plate. Put in the oven for 1-3 minutes. Take out the sausage and spread on a plate. The product is ready.

  • In the steamer (steamed)

For those people who believe that when cooking sausages give all of your wonderful taste of water, there is another way of making this product for a couple. For people in the list of appliances which are not listed steamer, there is the following recipe. Sausages clear from the film if necessary, and put them in a metal colander or sieve.

sausages for a couple

Take a pan and pour some water. Drop the gnocchi with sausage in a saucepan and fixed so that its bottom does not touch the water. Cover with a tight lid. Set design on fire and bring to a boil. Sausages a couple should prepare not less than 5 minutes. Then take out the finished dish and served to the table.

Tricks when cooking

Small tweaks that will help when cooking:

  • for those who prefer to cook sausages in the shell, it is useful to make a couple small holes on the surface with a toothpick. The film is not a sausage will burst and will not lose shape;
  • salting the water when cooking sausages is not recommended, as the content of the product has a sufficient amount of salt;
  • immerse sausages in cold water;
  • the cooking time of the sausages depends on their number and size. Small sausage in a small amount, require less time for cooking.

After learning a few basic ways of cooking sausages, each person will be able to choose the most appropriate for yourself and enjoy the amazing taste of a favorite dish.

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