How to cook rice correctly?

There are many ways how to cook rice, you may cook in a double boiler, frying, in a saucepan. Also each figure has its differences, it is divided by type of grain and each of the varieties you need to cook on a particular technology. In different countries has its own unique way of cooking rice.

In Japanese

rice in Japanese

Classic figure in Japanese is for medium grain rice in the ratio: one Cup of cereal, half Cup of water and one teaspoon of salt. All the seeds are thoroughly washed and covered with water for 15 minutes, then takes the pot and moves her soaked rice, cover and cook 12 minutes. In the first 2 minutes until boiling, make the fire strong, and the next 10 have already boiled over low heat. Then turn off the fire and open the lid for another 20 minutes. in order for the porridge of rice steep. Then add salt and spices and gently stir until the rice is fluffy and light.

For cooking rice in Japanese, it would take 12 minutes.

In Korean

rice in Korean

For the dish in Korean is short-grain rice and water 1:2,5 respectively. In the first place all the seeds are well washed through sieves under water after the rice is given time to drain, and then transfer into a saucepan and fill with cold water, put to prepare on strong fire. Korean rice should be cooked for 11 minutes. The first minute after boiling, cook it on high heat without a lid, and then the next 10 minutes. reduce the flame and cook under a lid. Then the pan removed from the heat, open the lid, dolivayut, stirred well, cover with a lid and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

For cooking rice in Korean will need 11 minutes.



For prescription in Vietnamese takes one Cup of long-grain rice, two cups of water. For cooking-Vietnamese pre-heat the pan, spread the entire rump and fry it for 2 minutes, constantly stirring it. Then the fried rice from the pan pour into the pan where it will cook, pour water and cook under closed lid for another 20 mins after the water boils.

For cooking rice in Vietnamese need 22 minutes.


rice Indian-style

For the dish on the menu is the oblong rice — 200 grams, a little butter, half teaspoon salt, pinch of black pepper, teaspoon of turmeric and 400 milliliters of water. First rinse grits thoroughly, until then, until the water is transparent. Then kettle it is necessary to heat a given amount of water. After you take a saucepan, on the stove melt the butter, and then after the pour washed cereal. In all the ingredients at once, add salt and spices and stir fry rice in oil with spices for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. After 3 min. into a saucepan pour the boiling water and cooked for another 15 min .. making the fire to a minimum.

For cooking rice on the menu and it takes about 18 minutes.

A classic recipe

The classic recipe of rice

Wash rice in a colander, then travel in an enamel pan and pour water from calculation 1:2, add salt, spices and optional butter. Then put the pan on the stove, cover with a lid and cook for 20 minutes. until tender. After the time if the rice is ready, you can add another quarter Cup of water and boil for another 5 minutes.

For cooking usual rice require 20-25 minutes.

Interesting fact. After the heat treatment the rice increases in volume 3 times. For example, from 150 grams grains, after cooking, is obtained from 400 to 430 grams of rice porridge.

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