How to cook potato

To the question «How to boil potatoes» any adult person will answer without hesitation. As a rule, is brushed potatoes, cut into slices. But even for cooking such simple dishes there are several intricacies.

how to cook potato

Choose potatoes for cooking

When you select should pay attention to:

  • Size – the larger the tuber, the more ripe.
  • Eyes – should be deep and without dark spots.
  • They do not sluggish – solid and elastic.
  • The peel is smooth.
  • No signs of sand – when cooking potatoes can darken. Better take the potatoes with the dried soil of a grey, brown or black.

For cooking it is better to choose potatoes with red and pink skin – they are less starchy. Moreover, red varieties contain higher amounts of antioxidants, have a nice delicate flavor.

sureno kartoplyu

On the shelves you can see the black, purple, blue and other unusual colors tubers – experts claim that in tubers bright colors more nutrients and antioxidants.

How to cook?

Potatoes for any dish better dropped in already boiling salted water, when boiling in cold water contained in potatoes enzymes oxidize vitamin C and most useful properties will be lost. After boiling water with the potatoes the pan should cover with a lid and cook without rapid boil so the starch will swell evenly. What would the potatoes not darkened during cooking, some Housewives add a little vinegar. And another tip: cook the potatoes with a little purified follicle for a more pleasant taste. The taste of boiled potatoes in their skins can change generously poured in a pot of salt potatoes gets a taste baked in the fire.

How to cook potato?

To answer the question is to determine:

  • For some dishes you need to cook the potatoes.
  • What to cook potato.
  • Potato variety.
  • For whom it is necessary to boil the potatoes.

Boil potatoes for mashed potatoes in the first dish, a side dish for fish or meat with salads. For mashed potatoes it is desirable to select tubers of the same size and after cleaning, cut into 2-4 pieces. Importantly, the particle size was approximately the same. Then all the potatoes cook at the same time. Cook potatoes for mashed potatoes need about 15-20 minutes. Experienced owner will hear that «noise» in the pan trailed off and check with a fork or knife, the readiness of potatoes. In the process of cooking in a pan you can add a spoonful of oil or butter to speed up cooking. In the same way you can boil the potatoes and some salads.

how to cook potato

We must not forget that almost all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained in potatoes under the skin. Therefore, some side dishes and salads potatoes boiled «in uniform» and this method of cooking takes a little longer, depending on the size of the tubers, the potatoes are cooked, 20 to 50 minutes. The cooking time increases in proportion to the amount of salt in the water, more salt – the longer the potatoes are boiled and cooking time on low heat can take up to 60 minutes. To check the readiness of the better thin wooden skewer. In the entrees, the potatoes cooked a little faster – 10-15 minutes, as the particles are much smaller. The first spring new potatoes cooked whole (if small) or cut into 2 parts and at the time almost equally – about 15 minutes.

The potatoes are boiled in a pot or cauldron, but you can also use a slow cooker. This universal assistant can prepare a few different dishes from potatoes. For example, «a couple» half an hour will cook delicious potatoes with a minimum of effort. Particular dish, peeled and cut potatoes to put in the multicooker bowl, add vegetable oil, salt and pepper and close the lid. Mode you need to install «Risotto» and the time is 30 minutes. Potatoes the slow cooker, too, master, washed the potatoes in the bowl to fill up to cover the tubers and put on «a couple» for 25-40 minutes (depending on size of tubers) — this mode allows you to check the readiness of potatoes.

potato cooking

In the mode «Pilaf» water must pour more and open the lid impossible. Multivarka itself will give a signal of readiness, but need to be prepared for the fact that the underside of the tubers will be slightly toasted on the bottom. If you have time, you can use the mode «Stewing» or «Baking» — cooking time takes about 40 minutes and during the cooking process you can open the cover to check the readiness. -Infants first solid foods also get in the form of boiled potatoes. But first, a few hours soaked in water. And then boiled for 15-20 minutes, checking the readiness. The lovers of fishing and in particular carp or carp, also cook the potatoes in their skins yellow, starch, varieties at the time 15 or more minutes – the potatoes should be it raw.

How to cook potato?

Potato is tuber plant appeared in South America. In this country you can still find wild growing species. However, for most people it has long been known and proven product, incredibly widely used in cooking. People wonder how to cook potatoes how to roast or bake. (далее…)