How to cook pancakes?

This dish appeared in prehistoric times. It is considered the first food product made from flour. Over time, the pancakes spread among almost all Nations there are Russian, French, Chinese and even Indian options. You need to know how to cook pancakes.

how to cook pancakes

Cooking secrets

The main problem with the pancakes is in the process of tipping over. Regardless of the recipe, sometimes everything goes down the drain because does not work correctly to turn the dough.

  1. In rare cases, the problem still appears due to the incorrect prescription. If there is such a relationship, you can simply try another option.
  2. Best pan in this case – iron, but you can use steel, special pancake and some others. You cannot use aluminum cookware.
  3. Sometimes the dough sticks, if the pan is new, first use.
  4. The surface may be lightly sprinkled with salt (which has no iodine) and then shake it. This leads to the fact that the first pancake will have a salty taste, but others should not have any problems with turning.

a pancake

Besides these subtleties, there are two main factors that determine, or stick a pancake to the bottom.

  1. Oil. Oiling the surface should a small amount. You can, for example, pour a little oil in a saucer, prick with a fork a piece of Apple or potato, and RUB the dishes with this piece, soaked in oil.
  2. Temperature. If set too strong it will burn with one hand, while on the other will remain liquid. Unfortunately, the best option can only be experienced through.

The first recipe for pancakes in a bottle

The main difference of this recipe from the classic that it is ready the dough will not need to dial a ladle or spoon. The process is simplified by the bottle.

  1. Taken pure the bottle capacity of 1.5 liters or more, depending on how much you need the test.
  2. It is filled with ten tablespoons of flour (this will help funnel).
  3. Add three tablespoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt.
  4. Pour two eggs and three tablespoons oil.
  5. Then add 600 ml of milk.
  6. After all ingredients are loaded, the bottle should actively shake to mix.
  7. On the prepared pan with the dough little by little poured from the bottle.
  8. Ready pancakes flipped and removed.

pancakes in a bottle

The second recipe – thin pancakes

The main difference of this variant is the presence in the starch ingredients. It is very important, even if the dough seems overly liquid, you can add more flour than indicated.

  1. To start, mix all dry ingredients: four tablespoons of potato starch, the same amount of flour (a little more), salt, sugar, if you want you can put vanilla.
  2. To dry mixture add four medium eggs.
  3. Slowly poured a little bit of warm milk – 500 ml
  4. All the ingredients are mixed.
  5. To the mixture add up to three tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  6. The finished dough should stand for about twenty minutes.
  7. Before each new pancake mixture should be stirred as the starch settles.
  8. You cannot add more flour, even if it seems that everything turns out very liquid.
  9. You need to pour carefully so the liquid covers from dishes, one layer.

The third recipe – pancakes with kefir

Almost all the recipes as the main liquid element is the milk, but there is another option.

How to cook pancakes on yogurt:

  1. Three eggs whipped with half a teaspoon of salt and a spoon of sugar.
  2. Added two tablespoons of vodka, a glass of hot water, 500 ml of yogurt and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. The mixture is stirred.
  3. Added a glass of rye and wheat flour, the mixture is whipped again, then put half a teaspoon of baking soda.
  4. In ten minutes you can start the baking process.
  5. You can try to grease the pan.

pancakes on kefir

How to cook pancakes?

There are many different recipes for this pastry. Pancakes can be sweet, salty, lean, meat – it all depends on the desires of the one who prepares them.

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