How to cook Lecho

Lecho is a favorite dish of many people in our country. In this regard, many Housewives think about how to make Lecho at home. In fact, make it quite real.

What you need to prepare Lecho?

To make delicious dishes, you need to prepare certain ingredients. You will need:

  • 2 kg bell pepper, seeded and tails;
  • 2 pounds of fresh tomatoes;
  • half a Cup of sugar;
  • salt to taste;
  • vegetable oil;
  • 3 tablespoons vinegar 3%.

how to cook Lecho

With these products you can prepare delicious homemade dishes.

Recipe Lecho

First, you need to remove the stalk from the tomatoes, wash them and divide into 4 parts. The skin it is desirable to remove. It is very easy with the help of boiling water. It is sufficient to rinse them with the tomatoes and leave them for ten minutes, after which the skin can easily be cleansed. Pepper cut into pieces of a size that you feel comfortable to eat. Before that you need to wash and clean from the stems and seeds. Then tomatoes it is necessary to shift into a saucepan, which will cook the flour, and add salt, sugar and vegetable oil. All this must be brought to the boil on a slow fire.


When the tomatoes boil, add the sliced pepper and constantly stir. At the end pour 3 tablespoons of vinegar and let it simmer. When ready, you can start preserving.

To Lecho stored properly, banks first need to be sterilized. After rolling cans need to be put in a dark warm place upside down and cover with something warm. Through day 3 can clean dishes in the basement or any cool place.

Cooking secrets

In fact, every housewife has its own secrets that allow her to do some dishes as tasty. As for the furniture, for his many years of cooking many Housewives have gathered the rules that allow you to improve cooking.

The first tip is that you should only use ripe tomatoes. Sometimes you can take even overripe fruit. However, pay attention to the fact that tomatoes were normal and intact, because the second-vegetables taste Lecho may deteriorate.


The next secret is to add in Lecho only need the red pepper. If you choose the green pepper, the end result will be slightly different. Also, do not choose overripe peppers, because he, unlike tomatoes, does not improve taste, but on the contrary, spoil it. As for green pepper, you can use it only in small quantities, and the basis must be a red pepper.

If you add seasonings, the taste of alcoholic beverages will only improve. Buy Basil, thyme, various ground peppers, and more. However, one should not forget that adding too much spices can spoil Lecho.

Never be afraid to add in Lecho new ingredients. Many Housewives add in the garlic and claim that he is making a salad as tasty. Some hostesses also add hot pepper. But this is possible in cases when you love spicy food.


If you are using fresh herbs, add almost the end of cooking. Add dry herbs early in the cooking, so she can give all their tastes and flavors of the dish while it is cooking.

Feeding can be and Lecho. Many use it as a sauce or salad. However, the most common form is canned Lecho, which pleases everybody with its taste and aroma. Prepare this salad and delight the whole family with your culinary abilities!

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