How to cook jelly from the red currants at home?

Red currant is a shrub that is widely distributed in almost all regions of Russia, except for Northern and North-Western regions, where in winter-time is dominated by a significant reduction in temperature. Perhaps, there is no well-kept garden, which would not grow this beloved berry. A distinctive feature of the red currant is that its fruit much more sour than black currant.

That is why the formed steady trend of cultivation of red currants for the further preparation of jams, compotes, fillings for pies and cakes. But the most delicious dessert that can be made from this sour-sweet berries is a jelly. It is possible that not all beginners and experienced Housewives know how to cook jelly from the red currants.

jelly red currant

Do not take jelly of red currants, as a gastronomic wonder. That only is the variety of desserts made from red currants in the countries of Western and Northern Europe. For example, on the Scandinavian Peninsula red currant is a key constituent component in the preparation of fruit soups.

No fruit soup in Norway, Sweden and Finland is not complete without this fruit. In Germany it is customary to add the red currants in cakes and custard for meringue. In the US, the currant bushes are planted as a honey plant.

What ingredients are needed to prepare the jelly of red currants

Variety use red currants in cooking is simply amazing. Yet, focus on what is needed to prepare a delicious jelly red currant:

  • Red currants (1 kg).
  • Sugar (1 kg).
  • 0.5 liter of pure water.

jelly red currant

In this case it is important to remember that each variety of red currant has a different chemical composition. Therefore, in berries the contents of the binders called pectin is great and the jelly becomes more dense. Some varieties do not have a high content of pectin, and this recipe can be supplemented with gelatin. Many do not know how to make jelly from gelatin. On the specified weight of red currants and sugar is enough to add 20 grams of gelatin. This is about two tablespoons without slides. If you love most of thick jelly, so it is not concealed in warm weather, add 30 grams of gelatin. You can buy it at any grocery store retailers.

Of the varieties of red currants are best cooked jelly

For making jelly red currant it is recommended to use these varieties of this fruit:

  • Light.
  • The gift of summer.
  • Osipovsky.
  • Rose.
  • Marmeladnyy.
  • Juterborgskaja.

All of these varietal types of red currants contain a maximum concentration of pectin. The pectin in them is not less than 11 percent of all biologically active components. The preparation of jelly from the data of berry varieties will not take much time, namely the jelly has reached the desired consistency in a short period of time. Don’t have to add gelatin industrial production.

jelly smorodiny

How to make jelly from the red currants?

To prepare the jelly of red currants is absolutely not difficult. The main thing to monitor a production process and adhere to the accepted technology of cooking berries. The process of making this dessert consists of several stages, namely:

  1. Preparation of the fruit. At this stage you need to carefully go through all the berries to a saucepan have not got unripe or rotten fruit. The stalks of plant origin must be separated from the berries themselves. After that, currants washed with cold water and thrown into a colander to dry.
  2. Boiling the berries. In a saucepan, pour half a liter of pure water, bring it to a boil on a slow fire, and then pour out the fruits of red currant. Within 10 minutes the berries should be stirred, and watch when they will burst. Once the boiling water begins to break the shell of the berries, you should immediately drain the water and clean the red currants through a sieve. The result is a berry juice. Peel currants thrown away.
  3. Making jelly. The next stage of this process is a direct fabrication of the berry mass, which will be a delicious dessert. You need to take a wide aluminum pan, pour it into a received of currant juice, add 1 kilogram of sugar, all thoroughly and cook on a slow fire. On average, the pots have to stand at least one hour. The main task at this stage is to evaporate the third portion of water from fruit juice, and prevent the burning mass. If Morse will burn to the bottom of the pan, then the jelly will get a bad taste perepalennye sugar. To avoid this, you need to follow two simple rules — to constantly stir the future of the jelly, and do not use utensils made of ferrous metals. Best suited dural container. Boil a mixture of red currant juice and sugar is at a minimum level, as too high boiling point would lead to the destruction of pectin.
  4. Fill jelly. After the third part of the moisture evaporated from the pan, it is ready for the final part of the preparation of jelly. Hot black currant juice is poured into jars, cups and other containers prepared under jelly. After that, the whole container must wrap a blanket or thick towel, and wait until the jelly has cooled naturally.

prepare the jelly of currants

Approximately 12 hours later, a dessert of red currant in the form of jelly is completely ready and can be eaten. It is still desirable to let it sit at least a day. Then it thicker and taste saturation.

What if the jelly has thickened?

It sometimes happens that even with the use of vysokoaktiven varieties of currants, and in compliance with technological process of jelly is refusing to become thick. The presence of juice in the plate suggests that the dessert is frankly failed. In this situation, each family is difficult to hide the disappointment, but don’t panic. This misunderstanding is easy to fix.

The semi-fluid mass of jelly you need to put back in the aluminum pan. Add 30 grams of store-bought jelly, and boil the mass to simmer for 15 minutes. After that you should spend the same spill of juice in the vessels. After 24 hours the jelly is completely cool, and his consistency will have a taut and tight condition.

red currant jelly

It is important to remember that from one kilogram of berries and sugar, it turns out the same gelatinous mass. Even after the heat treatment the fruits of red currant preserve the aroma and great taste. The sugar compensates for the sour taste of the berries.

Jelly of red currants can become a decoration of any table and to conquer the tastes of the most demanding connoisseurs of fruit desserts. Moreover, the partial load mode of boiling saves in the fruits of red currant large amounts of vitamins and minerals. After eating a batch of this jelly, you can get not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also to replenish your body daily dose of vitamin C.

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