How to cook hodgepodge?

Different soups have always been elements of the national cuisine. Almost every country can find some kind of a special soup, not too common in other areas. Solyanka is considered representative of the Russian national cuisine. What are its features? How to cook hodgepodge?

how to cook hodgepodge

Features of soup

Usually this soup is prepared on the basis of meat or fish, or mushrooms. The name Solyanka bought sweet and spicy taste. It is mainly obtained with the aid of pickles, although in the course often go olives, lemon, and sometimes even cold.

This soup can be considered a hybrid of soup and pickle. From the first bag took the dough, and that it is possible to add sour cream. The second she borrowed pickles or pickle.

There are no particular restrictions on meat or fish. Use different varieties, and the ingredients can be boiled, pickled or even smoked.

In fact, the word referred to Salsola and another dish made with braised cabbage, meat, cucumbers and mushrooms. The ingredients are similar, but this is not a soup.

ingredients for soups

How to cook hodgepodge?

So, focus on soup recipes.

How to cook hodgepodge on the bones, and smoked meat?

  • For starters, you need to prepare the broth. To do this, the bones washed and fill them with cold water.
  • After boiling in the pot you can add one carrot, and greens. All this should cook until tender.
  • Then create Bresse. Four of the bulbs are fried in olive oil. They added 100 g of tomato paste. The mixture is put in the oven at 100 degrees for an hour and a half. In the end Bresse is supposed to be brilliant.
  • After that you go to the slicing smoked. For flavor and tenderness should also add sausages.
  • From smoked meats to remove excess fat by pre-frying.
  • Four pickled cucumbers cut into strips.
  • You can heat about half a Cup of brine.
  • The broth is the basis for all the meats, and in ten minutes add sausage and Bresse.
  • Ten minutes before the end of cooking to add to the soup 50 g of capers, brine and cucumbers.

Solyanka with capers

Solyanka on pork and beef

  • The broth is created on the basis of whole cuts of pork and beef.
  • While the meat is cooking, grate about one hundred grams of carrots and chop 200 grams of onion.
  • Vegetables fry in a pan, then add 100 g pickled cucumbers, diced.
  • In a frying pan put 100 grams rings of olives.
  • All this pour a mixture of three tablespoons of tomato paste with two tablespoons of broth or plain water.
  • The various meats should be cut into strips.
  • From the broth gets meat instead put braised vegetables and smoked meats.
  • Ready pork and beef cut into long thin pieces.
  • Then the meat back to the pot.
  • It is not necessary to salt the soup. Better to do it the next day, and if it seems that the salt is not enough.


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