How to cook dumplings

Dumplings are called the perfect food for bachelors and students. But love them not only men. Women also do not mind to enjoy these little products made of unleavened dough with meat filling. Therefore, it is reasonable to learn how to cook dumplings?


What are the dumplings

The most common filling for dumplings is meat. Although you can find pelmeni with fish, mushrooms and even cabbage. They are stored exclusively in the freezer and prepared immediately before use.

How to cook dumplings

This question may seem strange. Well, this can be difficult – threw them in the boiling water and let them stew. However, even here there are secrets, which should adhere to to ensure that your dumplings are not overcooked, not stuck not stuck to the bottom. Edible, they certainly remain, there is only you and them will be dismissed.

how to cook dumplings

The traditional method of cooking dumplings cooking on the stove. To start, determine the number of dumplings you plan to cook. Based on this, pick up the pot the right size. Water in the pan should be poured no more than ¾ capacity and better half. Otherwise, your dumplings will have no place to cook, it is difficult to stir and the water can spill over the edge on the plate. The ratio of meat and water should be 1:3. That is, for 1 kg of dumplings you need to take 3 liters of water.

To make the dumplings during cooking don’t stick one in the water add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. The pot of water put on a high heat until boiling. During this time the water should be salt and add any spices. Of course, put in pepper and Bay leaf.

After boiling water in it, put the frozen ravioli and stir them until until they float. As soon as they rise to the surface, the fire is reduced and the dumplings are boiled for 10 minutes. After which they it will be possible to taste for readiness. As soon as the dough will become soft, it means dumplings are ready and they can be removed. It’s best to do a slotted spoon or through a sieve.

cook the dumplings

That’s all! Now they can transfer to a plate and serve with sour cream, butter or your favorite sauce.

Cook the dumplings in the microwave

To throughout the cooking time not to stand at the stove and not to guard our dish, for the cooking, you can use a microwave.

One portion takes an average of 15 stuff. They put them in a bowl where you pour 1 Cup of boiling water. Now the dish salt, pepper to taste and add Bay leaf. Even if the water did not cover all the dumplings, don’t worry because they will prepare as if for a couple.

Top a bowl of dumplings, cover with a plate with a smaller diameter, which will serve as a cover, then a bowl of dumplings to send in the microwave for 10 minutes at 800 watts. If you cook the dumplings in this manner, you can not worry that they will fall apart, to stick together or the dough will remain elastic.

prepare the dumplings

In a microwave oven you can cook not only dumplings on the plate or bowl, but in pots. The pot fit the required number of dumplings, add salt and Bay leaf. Water is needed so that it slightly covered them. Put the pot on the saucer and goes in the microwave. Cover top is not necessary. So they will be prepared for 6 minutes at maximum power. At the end of cooking, the water can be drained, and you can use it as a broth.

If you eat boiled dumplings are not managed, they can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The broth with them completely drained.

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